State of Hawaii, High Technology Development Corp. Issues RFP

State of Hawaii, High Technology Development Corp. Issues RFP

The High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC), an agency of the State of Hawaii (State), is seeking creative, graphic and design assistance to support the agency and to help market its programs. Services to be for all forms of media including (but not limited to) the HTDC website and social media accounts. HTDC programs provide resources, funding and expertise to technology and manufacturing companies in Hawaii.


The High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) is leading the State of Hawaii’s effort to grow the technology industry sector with the objective of diversifying the economy and creating high-wage job opportunities for the people of the State. As an attached agency to the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism (DBEDT), HTDC drives the State of Hawaii’s tech-based economic development agenda. HTDC provides support on three levels – technical and resource assistance for companies, promotion and organization for the industry, and guidance on tech based economic development policy for legislators.

Creative, graphic and design (collectively referred to as creative design) services are being requested to assist and support HTDC in its efforts to generate awareness and communicate messages about Hawaii’s growing tech-based economy and HTDC’s vision, role and programs.

Currently HTDC has a Public Relations (PR) provider on contract.

  1. HTDC STATUTE (HPS CHAPTER 206M)The mission of HTDC is to facilitate the growth and development of high technology as a viable industry sector in Hawaii’s economy. HTDC’s duties include, but are not limited to:
    • developing industrial parks and high technology innovation centers and projects within or outside of industrial parks
    • providing support and services to Hawaii-based high technology companies
    • collecting and analyzing information on the state of commercial high technology activity in Hawaii
    • promoting and marketing Hawaii as a site for commercial high technology activity
    • providing advice on policy and planning for technology-based economic development
  2. HTDC ProgramsHTDC programs propel Hawaii’s innovation community by providing resources, funding and expert mentoring for technology companies.  The current programs include:
    • Tech Incubation – a program delivering business support services to tech startups (physical facilities at the Manoa Innovation Center and the Maui Research and Technology Center). Services include business reviews with experienced staff, grant writing assistance, internship program, referrals for professional services, and monthly hosted technical assistance workshops.
    • Events – support through sponsorship, promotion, partnership, and/or planning events that are relevant to the innovation and entrepreneurial community.
  3. INNOVATE Hawaii – a program that gives Hawaii manufacturers the resources and expertise necessary for the next stage of growth. The program also provides funding for Research and Development (R&D) small businesses through matching grants to Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award winners.
  4. Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies (HCATT) – a program that develops and demonstrates market readiness of alternative energy transportation technologies.
  5. Neighbor Island Innovation Initiative (NI3) – business mentoring program on neighbor islands Kauai and Hawaii Island. Tech Based businesses can receive mentoring help on getting their company to the next level. There is no cost to the company and the mentors meet the companies at their location.
  6. Grants: HTDC has three grant programs to that provide funding at critical stages for technology and manufacturing companies


All creative design services for HTDC shall be in accordance with this RFP, including its attachments and any addenda. Contractor to use existing branding and branding theme(s) for HTDC on work performed and as applicable.


  • Conceptualize, develop and produce advertisements for various purposes and as needed for HTDC. Examples to include (but are not limited to): To promote 1) Hawaii as a place for business, the tech industry, 2) TechJobs Hawaii as the premier site for tech job openings; and 3) HTDC programs and priorities. The advertisements will encompass all communication and media channels including, but not limited to: digital outlets (e.g. email, website, social media, youtube, etc.)
  • Develop major ad campaign as needed for news and trade publications nationwide while working with HTDC and the Public Relations provider. Experience creating national ads is preferable.
  • Design and produce the HTDC Annual Report and collateral for the Economic Impact Survey metrics and annual legislative reporting requirements and results.
  • Create and produce collateral as needs arise for HTDC programs and events;

Graphic Design:

  • Design, layout, generate graphics and execute production for HTDC collateral;

print and website, including (but not limited to), reports, infographics, newsletters, guides, brochures, fliers, banners, posters, backdrop displays, promotional giveaways, annual report, etc.

  • Source and procure artwork, stock photos, etc, for HTDC projects.


  • Participate in monthly PR/Marketing meetings and other meetings as requested by

HTDC to ensure open communication channels for the management of this project.

  • Provide monthly budget reports including, but not limited to, expenditures, remaining balance, and budget projections.
  • Procure all subcontractors performing work for HTDC projects, and other necessary indirect costs in order to complete project. See Section 2.2.1
  • Advise and provide recommendations/guidance to HTDC on all areas of creative, graphic and website design.

Proposal due by May 5, 2017 to:

Proposals to be emailed to:

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