The Dress: How Newsjacking Viral Events Grows your Web Presence

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If you call yourself a webmaster and you have not placed #thedress on your website somewhere, then you are probably missing out on thousands of views that you did not even know that you could get. There is definitely something to be said for the ability of the Internet to coalesce around some of the craziest topics. In order for you to maximize your visibility in a world of marketing noise, sometimes you just need to ride the wave.

#Thedress is already guaranteed a spot at the beginning of every year in top 10 list in December 2015. Could your website be the one whose image they use? You never know unless you participate in the fervor today. Now is the time that you get your website on the radar for all of the promotion channels that will be looking for you come December.

Perhaps you are a fan of the notion that following the crowd will somehow make you a part of the crowd. If you are looking to stand out, then how can reposting any content about #thedress help your brand? What if your brand does not have anything to do with #thedress?

The secret is that you do not have to be concerned with the dress itself. You must understand how search engine optimization works in order to understand the advantage that giving this dress some attention will give you.

When you talk about an Internet meme on your website, you are not attempting to become an entertainment channel. You are using that content to drive the relevance of your own keywords so that you can raise your ranking in the major search engines. This is what will give you the increased visibility that your product and your brand deserve.

By placing popular content alongside your content, you signal to the major search engines that you are becoming more relevant to a mainstream audience. When the search engine indexes your website, it will pull from your website content the popular meme as well as your keywords. This will provide your keywords with the juice that they need to outpace others in your industry.

You do not have to fully understand exactly what following an Internet meme will do for you online. Most webmasters do not. They only understand that when they do so, there visibility somehow goes up. Repurpose the popular content to your own ends, and you will definitely create more leverage for your brand on the Internet.

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