Try These Hacks to Grow Email Marketing Lists

Try These Hacks to Grow a Company’s Email Marketing List
Try These Hacks to Grow a Company’s Email Marketing List

Growing an email marketing list can be a challenge for a business that’s just starting out or that’s only just beginning to integrate email into its marketing strategy. And for smaller businesses, it can be hard to justify the sometimes-steep cost per acquisition for building that email list. For businesses dedicated to doing marketing the right way and obtaining emails with consumer permission, the list building can be a crucial building block to future success.

But where are these prospects located? There are some simple ways to entice potential customers to come out of hiding and show interest in a brand. By identifying these leads and finding an authentic way to capture their information, the leads can then be nurtured and grown into fruitful customer relationships.

Host or Participate in a Giveaway

Giveaways serve many purposes, but they all share one commonality: people love the idea of something free, so entries are usually easy to come by. However, it’s important to identify the right market to distribute the giveaway to and what the appropriate end objective is.

For a brand looking to grow its email base, it should be more invested in collecting emails from the consumers who are most likely to become customers in the future. Simply collecting everyone’s email, regardless of their qualification to be a potential customer, can be a waste of effort and lead to falsely inflated results.

Take the time to carefully select the target audience for a giveaway, and make sure that the giveaway has something to do with the end consumer. For example, giving away the product that the brand wants to increase sales for can help identify more qualified leads right away.

Partner with Other Brands

Co-marketing is becoming a more popular practice, particularly among smaller businesses. Collaborating on projects can help serve wider audiences and encourages consumers to support partner businesses. Finding a collaboration that can also collect email addresses from qualified leads is another benefit to working with other brands. At all times, however, it’s important to treat customer data with integrity and be transparent on what will be done with any information collected.

Build a Killer Landing Page

Landing pages can often help increase awareness and conversions for brands that have a dedicated marketing effort. Landing pages are a way to draw attention to a specific product, service, or campaign for a brand. These also entice potential customers to let go of their email address in an effort to stay up to date with a brand for which they’ve just been introduced. Or perhaps the brand is offering a deal in exchange for signing up for an email list — there are many motivations that will entice a customer to sign up for a list, so don’t be afraid to test out a few different approaches.

Growing an email list doesn’t have to be a huge time suck or an overall infuriating process. While growing and nurturing an email list does take time and dedication, remember to work smarter and seek out ways that will yield good results for growing an email list. The aforementioned tips are free to use and can often be a boost that a brand needs to jump-start its email list.

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