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Ukraine PR Firms everything-pr

The world is big and in the Ukraine people, businesses, and organizations frequently find they need help from Public Relations firms.  Here are the best PR companies in Kiev, and throughout the Ukraine:


Havas Worldwide Ukraine

Havas Worldwide Ukraine

Havas Worldwide’s Ukraine officeis a leading communications agency specializing in marketing, creative development, media planning, digital, consultancy, project management, and BTL marketing. During its 14 years of operation, Havas Worldwide Ukraine launched more than 14 brands, ran over 175 campaigns, and received impressive awards. Based on a study regarding customer satisfaction, this agency has been ranked among the top five candidates.

Publicity Creating everything-pr

Publicity Creating

This PR firm is also located in the Ukraine and has been successful in European markets for the past 16 years. When clients need aid in PR and strategy communications sectors, this company comes to the rescue. The mission of Publicity Creating is to “ . . . shape public opinion for the development of business and grow your business in harmony with public interests.”

The firm’s success started when it was a small agency and has grown into a leading firm in Ukrainian PR. It was founded in 1998 and was initially focused on advertising. The company’s brand expanded in key business areas and gained expertise. Now it is an elite PR provider.

Pleon Talan PR everything-pr

Pleon Talan PR

As a premiere PR company in the Ukraine, Pleon Talan brings a unique set of skills to the table. Its focus is to build lasting relationships with clients and has a prestigious client list for a Ukrainian brand. These names include Honda, Odessa, Davidoff, and Amway’s Microsoft team. There is an ambitious air about this firm and their track record supports such high expectations.

This firm is the only Ukrainian agency to have won the Effie Awards, the most prestigious PR awards – and the whispers say that this firm has worked extensively for oligarchs, or the mega-rich.

Mainstream Communications & Consulting everything-pr

Mainstream Communications & Consulting

This independent PR agency opened their doors for business in 2004. It caters to the Ukraine and the international scene alike. The full scope of services provided by Mainstream includes PR campaigns, lobbying, information field analysis, special events, and government relations. This group has impressively completed over 1,000 events and projects across the Ukraine and the world.

This is a strong firm that knows and understands the Ukraine.

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