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National firm to conduct research on and map the contribution of Informal Waste Pickers (IWP) on Danang’s waste management system


Da Nang is implementing the Resolution 204/NQ-HDND dated 19/12/2018 by the City People’s Council on domestic solid waste management and Decision 1577/QD-UBND dated 11/4/2019 by the City People’s Committee on promulgating the Plan on domestic solid waste segregation in Da Nang to 2025. 

 UNDP Accelerator Labs (AccLab) were created globally to re-imagine development for the 21st century – and do so at an unprecedented scale by tapping into the relationships, resources, and the expertise of UNDP and its partners. UNDP AccLab in Vietnam has partnered with Danang City, and more specifically Danang’s Department of Natural Resource (DONRE) to tackle Danang’s environmental pollution. Based on this partnership, in 2019 the team carried out an ethnographic research on different waste management stakeholders in Da Nang and found that the informal waste pickers (IWP) have been a big and integral part of the waste management system (more in our blog). However, they have not been recognized by the government, nor included in any current and future waste management plans of the City. 

Realizing the important role of these IWPs in the waste management system, AccLab wants to create an experiment to understand and visualize the contribution of IWPs in Da Nang, ie, how their work impacts the current waste management system, as well as to gather necessary data for policy advocacy with the City’s government. Therefore, UNDP is seeking a national organization to support with this task.


Da Nang is a class-1 municipality and the fifth largest city in Viet Nam in terms of population (with over 1.1 million people). Located on the coast of Viet Nam and the mouth of the Han River, it is one of Viet Nam’s most important port cities. Da Nang is one of the five direct-controlled municipalities and is under the direct administration of the central government. 

Da Nang has a higher urbanization ratio than any of Viet Nam’s other provinces or centrally governed cities. It is also one of the most beautiful coastal cities of Viet Nam and has abundant potential for tourism.

Scope of Work:

The main objective of the national firm is to map out the activities of IWPs in Da Nang.  The scope includes but not limited to the following: 

 ● Together with Acclab team design the detail of the experiment using the Collective Intelligence approach.

● Research and collect data of IWPs. The data will be mainly about how many IWPs operate in a given area?, which areas/routes that waste pickers cover, what type of waste they collect and why, how much of recyclables they collect each day, the way they deal with the valuable waste, who/where do IWPs sell their recyclable waste to? map out collection and consolidation centers (that buy from IWPs); how do these IWPs work? Individuals or collectively? full time or part time? how much they are able to earn, collect their feedback on what would improve their work, etc.

● Engage IWPs in mapping out illegal dumping sites in their routes.

● Process and present the data in a visual map and report. Potentially using open-sourced mapping tools or other related methods. 

● Propose policies on how to best facilitate the work of IWPs and integrate them in the waste management system of Da Nang. 

D.    Expected Outputs and Deliverables 

1. At least 25 IWPs in Da Nang are involved in the experiment.

2. A map of these IWPs’ activities and characteristics.

3. A map of  collection and consolidation centers that buy recyclables from these IWPs.      

4. A map of illegal dump sites along with the IWPs’ routes.

5. A report on IWP activities and characteristics in Da Nang, which include policy proposals on how to deal with/integrate IWPs in the overall waste management system of Da Nang. 

 E. Institutional Arrangement The firm will report to the Accelerator Lab team in Viet Nam. 

 F. Duration of the Work The firm is required to work during April – May of 2020. The consultancy expense includes field trips within Da Nang.

Due Date:

April 05


Procurement Unit UNDP Vietnam 304 Kim Ma Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Relevant agencies worth considering include MWWPR and APCO Worldwide.

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