Meet the Man Who Claims To Have Invented The Word Marketing

Philip Kotler a professor of Kellogg

A few months ago, we revealed that global PR conglomerate Porter Novelli claimed to have “…pioneered social marketing” – and while we found that claim rather over-the top, now we have found someone who claims to have invented the word marketing.

And while marketing has been around forever, Philip Kotler a professor of Kellogg Graduate School of Management who is recognized in the international community for his work claims to have invented the word “marketing.” At, one can learn that Kotler “ fact invented the word “marketing” both as a term and as an industry.”

We at Everything-PR News don’t buy it.

As Wikipedia notes, there’s a debate whether marketing originated in the pre-historic areas, or “The OED traces the abstract usage of the word only as far back as 1884.”

Kotler is however very successful – although he has a poorly-written Russian associated website for an award called the “Kotler Award.” The “Kotler Award” is an acknowledgment for conceiving an industry.

This award recognizes the value and achievements of professionals working in the communication business industry.  To receive the award, applicants must have a successful track record of success, and play an active role in society. Even more importantly, innovation must be a guiding star in their lives, with regular advancements contributed to the industry.

Innovation drives a company, after all. It’s what helps motivate people to get the job done, and typically leads to success for the company.

Perhaps  in honor of his Russian roots, this year’s award ceremony will be held in Moscow, Russia. Kotler is proud of his Russian roots, even going so far as to point out of his MANY honorary doctorates from universities all over the globe, the one granted to him by the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics was one of special significance.

It not only gave him the opportunity because of how important marketing would be for the future of the Russian economy.

So this year in Moscow, the Kotler awards are supported by a number of industrial associations, including the Russian Public Relations Association, Silver Archer, the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia, and more.

So if you’re working in the business industry and think you deserve the “Kotler Award,” or know someone who does, direct them to the “Kotler Award ” application and fill it out!

We don’t understand why the website is clearly written by a Russian who doesn’t fully understand the English language – but then again, we didn’t invent marketing as did Kotler.

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  1. Carolyn Shiery says:

    The term “marketing” dates far before Kotler. Kotler popularized the entire field of marketing, but let’s give credit where it is due. The term was found in scholarly articles from the 1940s and the Father of Marketing would be E. Jerome McCarthy who gave us the foundation for modern marketing-the 4Ps in 1960-just my opinion

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