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A new service to submit and distribute press releases has just emerged in a quite crowded part of the online world. WidePR, the latest site offering this type of service to PR professionals and businesses, describes itself as a “state-of-the-art SEO environment that promotes and distributes business news for free”.

Unlike other such services, this has a complete range of free services, from the now basic submission and distribution to free links, free image upload, submission via API, free logo upload, and other similar options which are the money making extra of other free sites.

“By bringing so many resources and information together, it simplifies the process in which press releases are created and (specially) distributed to no end,” said a killerstartups.com review of WidePR.

To access all the features provided by WidePR, all a business or PR agency has to do is create an account, login and start using the new press release distribution service. What’s also extremely helpful for PR agencies is that they can handle submissions for all their clients from the same free account, as opposed to having to create separate accounts for each of them as it happens in other cases of PR submission sites.

I used to work with free PR sites before for some customers. They proved effective, but the truth is we had a list of 50 to 100 such sites and submitted the PR to all of them. Such an action could result into spikes in traffic and lots of incoming links, but they could not be traced to one service in particular.

Seeing how this platform tries to offer a long list of free services, including proper SEO for press releases, what they aim for is generating results fast and easy.

I would love to hear from other customers who were successful in generating traffic and leads after posting a PR on this new site. I am planning to try it out and let you know how it worked.

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