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Cabbies join forces to create London Taxi PR company

Two London cabbies, Gary Long and Lee Sheppard are launching London Taxi PR to help taxi owners gain back some of the strength that Uber and others have tried to take from them. They started earlier in the year with a PR campaign emphasizing the safety and security of using a black cab. That campaign was funded by London taxi drivers and suppliers on a donation basis.

Highlighting that black cabs offer wheelchair accessibility and trustworthiness, 50 posters made their appearance in the West End of London. The campaign cost £6,000 and JC Decaux helped design the posters. 200 black taxis also showed off 400 digital screens on their roofs with the “Trust Safe Taxi” posters. Verifone Media donated the screens.

clinton foundation flint water crisis

Clinton Foundation and Flint Water Crisis connected through PR representation

APCO Worldwide and many of its top executives have long supported the Clintons, their Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), and their presidential pursuits. Many of those executives have at one time or another been employees in the Clinton camp. Efforts for the Clinton Foundation have generally been given free of charge by APCO, and though the company gives only a minor contribution to the current Clinton presidential bid, several of the execs have given larger amounts. And APCO Worldwide has given the Clinton Foundation up to $50,000.

Pete Wentz, executive director of the Chicago office for APCO functions as the spokesman for Lockwood Andrews & Newman Inc., an engineering firm in Houston that is named in at least nine of the 60 lawsuits filed over the public health scandal of the Flint drinking water. LAN was “hired to oversee a refit of the city’s nearly century-old Water Treatment Plant when Flint separated from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department in April 2014.”

According to Wentz, LAN did the work they were hired to do meeting industry standards and then advised the city as to certain steps that should be taken – but the city did not follow through. LAN was concerned the city chose not to use corrosion-control chemicals in treating the water, leading to “leaching from pipes, joints, and fixtures.” They also recommended the city do a trial startup for only a few months and then assess information. Also, not done by Flint.

During the Democratic presidential debate in January, Hillary Clinton mentioned the crisis saying that a city with many as African-Americans “has been drinking and bathing in lead-contaminated water” was outrageous and that it would not have happened in a more affluent neighborhood. She and Bernie Sanders have both called for the Governor’s resignation.

jennifer lawrence jimmy fallon x men

J-Law tells Jimmy Fallon her Publicist Reprimanded her for telling People they don’t have to see the new X-Men film

Jennifer Lawrence is not your typical star, she’s a bit unpredictable and because of it, many people find it easy to relate to her. But it’s caused more than a few issues for her publicists at ID PR. Including recently as she’s been doing meetings with press and media people about the new X-Men movie where she stars as Mystique (a role originally played by Rebecca Romijn). In those meetings, she presented a low-key face and told media people they don’t need to see the movie, no pressure.

Ms. Lawrence is a natural in front of the camera, but that means she sometimes lets her silly or joking side show through – maybe too much. Like during her first time doing media, starring in a movie with Kim Basinger and Charlize Theron. Basinger didn’t happen to be at those press conferences, and when the press asked where she was, Lawrence leaned in and said as a joke, “Oh, didn’t you hear, Kim Basinger died.” Her reps put into media training after that.

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