Virginia Employment Commission Issues Media Buying RFP

Virginia Employment Commission Issues Media Buying RFP

The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) administers the Unemployment Insurance program. The VEC strives to maintain the integrity of the program by utilizing tools to prevent and or minimize improper benefit payments to individuals. One of the most effect tools the VEC uses is the State Directory of New Hire database (SDNH). This database holds information, submitted by the employer community, concerning people that have been hired or re-hired for employment. The VEC compares this information with records of individuals claiming unemployment insurance benefits. Positive results from the two databases are then forwarded for investigation.

Reporting a new hire within 21 days is required by law, but experience is that many employers are not aware of this requirement. The VEC believes that greater employer participation in the new hire reporting process will further enhance the ability to detect and prevent fraud and abuse of the unemployment insurance program.

The Virginia employment commission (VEC) seeks to obtain the contractual services of an expert-level media buyer and all related administrative and oversight services. VEC will engage in a media campaign to promote awareness and mandated use of the national directory of new hire registry. The target audience is the commonwealth of Virginia employer community, both public and private.

Scope includes to:

Purchase all media relating to the campaign.

Ensure that all purchases reach target audiences pre-determined by VEC. All media entities and flight purchases must conform to specified demographics.

Purchase media and provide consulting services in all commonwealth of Virginia media markets.

Procure production services for campaign-related radio spots and print ads.

Proposal due by September 9th to:

1111 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23218-1199

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