Artists Who Hire PR Firms: How Publicity Affects Art Pricing

Artists and PR Firms

Whether you’re a sculptor, painter, illustrator, musician, or any other kind of artist, chances are you’re used to doing a lot of work yourself, including promoting your work. You’ve created a business, a website or blog to promote your work. But artists can benefit from the help of a good PR firm too. How?  PR firms exist to improve or enhance the reputation of their clients. They also help clients become better known to the public with media attention. PR firms help artists better market themselves and improve more attention moves the price up on their work.

Working with a PR firm also helps artists become more recognized in their artistic community. For example, for artists, this means PR experts organize events like gallery shows or, for musicians, new music release parties. They help artists display their work creating better visibility and public awareness through media contacts and industry leaders. PR firms connect artists with other big names in the industry, it’s part of their job to know everyone, and anyone and that knowledge offers a huge advantage to up and coming artists.

Working with a good PR firm can also benefit art pricing. How? Because publicity done the right way, helps attract people to galleries and museums where an artist displays their work. The more people interested in an artist and their work, the more people want to invest in their creations.

This worked for artists like Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol – who was the king of PR. PR firms help make it possible for artists to make a living doing what they love! Not everyone can say that.

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When looking for an agent or firm, it’s important to find one with clients doing similar work to yours, firms with an interest in art, and genuinely interested in what you’re doing, and your goals. The firm or agent should have the interest and connections to match the artist and their needs. If artists follow this advice and their work sells, it won’t be long for agents to work their magic and the artist’s sales and reputation can soar!

Art is Money

But take heed and hire a PR agent ready to represent your work. Let someone else manage business behind the scenes freeing you to create epic masterpieces. Nowadays, artists don’t have to do everything on their own. Instead, there are people literally standing by, waiting and wanting to help artists succeed.

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