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The Beautiful Planning Marketing PR Group has launched a new class session teaching the methods and strategies of Do It Yourself Public Relations, aiming to help those who can’t afford to hire a PR company to represent them. The New York City public relations firm targets business owners, marketing professionals, authors, artists, models and actors and aims to use their PR experience to teach them how to promote themselves.

All the strategies and methods, tips and tricks taught during the DIY classes by Beautiful Planning have been tested in their filed experience working with B2B clients, big music industry names, authors, restaurants, Broadway shows, fashion events and celebrity athletes.

“In this economy not everyone can afford the high price tag that comes with hiring a professional Public Relations firm”, states Business Development Manager Julissa Ford. “However, without PR you can’t generate a buzz; build your brand or business. We are closing the gap of that common catch 22 situation.”

Those attending the DIY PR course will learn :

  • The value of Public Relations to your business, product, brand or name
  • The difference between PR and Marketing
  • Contacting the right media channels to pitch your story
  • How to include Public Relations within a social media campaign to see a faster return on investment
  • Developing PR resources in house that cost you absolutely nothing
  • How to strategically pitch your book, product, cd, art, business or basically anything to the media
  • How to find the appropriate media to cover you
  • Ways to make the media sit up and take notice and come to you
  • Valuable PR firm resources that are free to use that no one wants to share
  • The value of a Press Release, Pitch Letter and more
  • The correct way to follow up with the media
  • How to “Spin” a story
  • How to measure your PR campaigns success, and  much More

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