Eagerness: How It Can Be Bad for Your Business

Everybody knows that optimism and confidence can help us thrive in the business world. When we’re positive about our goals and projects, doing business becomes a lot easier, not to mention that our colleagues and bosses will appreciate us more for the work we perform. However, eagerness can often affect our team, and therefore our whole work environment.


Some people believe that aggressiveness is required in the business world, but the truth is that this type of attitude can affect deals rather than solve them. Once you’re overexcited about a thing, you run the risk of causing negative implications not only for you, but also for your strategy, customers and colleagues.

As a result, you are advised to avoid getting too eager about a certain project and take your time to analyze it thoroughly. Whenever you think that you’ve crossed the line and eagerness seems to be your only way of acting, you can take a look on the following tips and learn how to keep your cool.

Stay focused and calm

Too much enthusiasm is not good when it comes to closing deals, contracts and negotiating sales. If you happen to get overexcited, take your time; put yourself in others’ shoes, and think of how your enthusiasm is interpreted. Too much enthusiasm can make others assume that you are up to no good, which will distract them from focusing on the real issues.

Eagerness can make you look like a person who only thinks about making an impression on their boss. Hence, you might want to look out because you don’t want to be your boss’s pawn.  Too much enthusiasm is not recommended, especially when you have to deal with customers. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be enthusiastic, but only that you should be careful not to cross the line between enthusiasm and eagerness. Once you are calm and positive, the others will appreciate your interest.

When a business person is too eager, he/she runs the risk of adopting bad business strategies. This happens because when you’re overexcited about a certain deal you forget to focus on other tasks that maybe are more important.

Eagerness is contagious

Eager business people tend to pay less attention to the relationships with their colleagues. People tend to change their mood according to the persons they spend time with, so being eager can influence your coworkers.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but when everybody is in frenzy, the focus is shifted from the tasks that need to be accomplished. Besides, the team becomes less united and some members can even feel that your behavior is pressing them.

Examine your business behavior

Analyze your behavior

It becomes obvious that eagerness is not good for office relationships and business negotiations. However, you may be wondering what you can do to avoid being too eager. First of all, you should try to analyze your behavior and admit that you are getting over excited sometimes. Changing your behavior will be easier once you become aware of the need to do this.

The next thing you should do is take your time and calm down. You can spend some time alone in your office, count to ten and take deep breaths. This way, your over-excitement will no longer be a problem. Besides, you should make sure that you avoid serious conversations and transactions when you are too eager.

Although it’s natural to be excited when you’re about to close a deal or start a new project, you are advised not to express your feelings until you learn how to control them.

What you can also do is analyze your reactions and make sure that they don’t prevent you from maintaining a good work environment. Eager and pushy salespeople no longer exist today, as current society lays emphasis on focusing only on what needs to be done and on remaining calm regardless of the situation.

Eagerness is not good for business, especially if you’re a business owner, since it can make you seem distracted and incapable of dealing with different situations.

Once you become aware of the fine limit between eagerness and enthusiasm, you will learn how to avoid crossing it and your life as a business man/woman will improve remarkably.

All you have to do is adopt a positive thinking and get involved in new projects without going over the top.

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