City of Bonita Springs, Florida Issues Digital RFP

City of Bonita Springs, Florida Issues Digital RFP

Bonita Springs, Florida has issued an RFP for a company to design a New City Website/Create a City App.


· Develop a highly beneficial, cost-effective, easy-to-use, interactive and architecturally sound and flexible website that supports the City’s needs

· Create a standardized format and enhanced user experience for all pages, thereby establishing a unified theme but allowing some level of individuality and/or functionality between City functions and departments by creating multiple custom templates for departments to choose from

· Create a website that allows multiple users in different departments to have responsibility in managing their information

· Incorporate design elements that make the website ADA Section 508 accessible, easy to navigate, appealing, functional and searchable

· Provide a framework and architecture that will permit future expansion and the addition of new online services as the City’s budget, technology needs and demand dictate

· Provide a secure site that meets emerging industry standard guidelines on privacy and accessibility

Scope of Work:

The City of Bonita Springs is a city in Lee County, Florida. According to the 2015 census, the population is 51,704, 74 percent of Bonita Springs’ residents own their homes and the rest are renters. The population is older than the national average (the median age is 52.3 years, compared to the Florida median age of 41.5 years), and many residents are highly educated and have substantial incomes: 84 percent are high school graduates and 31 percent have earned a bachelor’s degree or a higher degree; the median household income is $53,955.

Bonita Springs is located between Ft. Myers and Naples. Bonita Springs is surrounded by water. The Imperial River runs through the City offering many water recreation opportunities. Residents and visitors enjoy kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and fishing. Beautiful Bonita Beach offers opportunities for shelling, renting jet skis and sailboats, a game of volleyball and much more. The City is approximately thirty minutes from the South West Florida International Airport. Bonita Springs boasts over 20 parks and is home to Lovers Key State Park.

The City of Bonita Springs is seeking the services of an experienced public relations/website design firm to redesign, develop and implement a new City website utilizing posted information on its existing websites, as well as new information, products and features as suggested by the City. The City is also requesting design of a City App, as well as research and suggestions for innovative social media platforms appropriate for municipal use. The City is requesting review of the City’s Communications Plan and updates made to the plan to meet the capabilities of the updated communications infrastructure.

Due Date: June 16, 2017:

Address: City of Bonita Springs

Debra Filipek, City Clerk

9101 Bonita Beach Rd

Bonita Springs, Florida 34135

Zimmerman PR and Porter Novelli have Florida offices.

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