Central Wisconsin Airport Looking For High-Class Marketing Campaign

Central Wisconsin Airport Looking For High-Class Marketing Campaign

The Central Wisconsin Airport has issued an RFP for marketing companies.  They seek someone who can create “a high class marketing campaign.”

The Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA) is a primary commercial service airport located in Mosinee, Wisconsin. The Airport is located 200 miles east of Minneapolis and 200 miles northwest of Milwaukee. CWA has approximately 115,000 annual passenger departures. The Airport is served by American, Delta, and United Airlines with non-stop service to Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis/St. PaulWhile CWA connects to three major international hubs (Chicago O’Hare, Detroit, and Minneapolis/St.Paul) the top 5 destinations, out of the catchment area, are Denver, Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Phoenix. Delta Air Lines that connects through Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul, captures 51% of CWA passengers. Both American Airlines, and United Airlines connect through Chicago O’Hare and captures 25% and 22% percent of the market respectively.  The remaining 2% are captured by charters. Air service at CWA is driven by the business traveler. Business travel drives a consistent schedule of 9-10 flights per day all year. Leisure travel is also an important aspect, but is more seasonal in nature.

CWA has historically had a modest marketing presence. Over the past few years, the focus has been on limited print media, the Airport’s website and social media. This effort has been led by an annual marketing intern with final approval by the airport director. This effort was supplemented by presentations to various elected boards and community groups by Airport staff.

The marketing contract will be awarded to the Respondent best demonstrating the experience and qualifications necessary to plan and create a marketing campaign and strategy for the Central Wisconsin Airport that is able to meet the following objectives:

  • Work with Airport staff to identify the target market
  • Develop a marketing campaign concept that delivers a consistent message across all suggested marketing venues. It is the intention of Airport to have a consistent, modest presence that reasonably reaches the target market
  • Recommend an implementation strategy that reaches the target market at a reasonable
  • Identify all costs associated with implementing a program. This should include any development costs and a suggested advertising budget over an 18-24-month period
  • Identify metrics to analyze marketing effectiveness

Proposals are due by August 26, 2016 to The Central Wisconsin Airport, 200 CWA drive, Suite 201, Mosinee, Wisconsin 54455.

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