How Do the Top Clothing Brands Handle their PR?

TOMMY Hilfiger PR - Clothing Brand

Tommy Hilfiger PR

The “All-American” brand, Tommy Hilfiger works out of Amsterdam and New York and presents one of the biggest clothing brands in the world. Owned by P.V.H. (the company also owns Calvin Klein), the Tommy Hilfiger brand’s worth valued at approximately $3.1B according to estimates this past July.

Chief Brand Officer, formerly Chief Marketing Officer, Avery Baker worked with the company since 1998 and oversees some of their biggest campaigns. Currently, Tommy Hilfiger represented by SB Groupe handling collection profiles, concept development, and design. Heather Vandenberghe, formerly senior vice president, marketing, and communications at Louis Vuitton, serves as Hilfiger’s senior vice president of marketing and communications for the Americas, and Tiffin Jernstedt, senior vice president of global communications. Both report back to Avery Baker.

Ralph Lauren Public Relations

Ralph Lauren PR

Ralph Lauren proves a staple in the clothing and fashion industry. Grossing $7.6 billion a year Ralph Lauren is only surpassed by Nike in terms of yearly earnings. The Chief Marketing Officer, Cristina Lilly, helps with branding Ralph Lauren apparel and high-end piano company Steinway and Sons as both their VP’s of marketing on a global scale. She stresses her ability to create a creative and passionate environment to brand products with a clear message and room for growth. Ralph Lauren employs heavy hitters in their PR department like Mark Tronosi, who’s worked with Miramax Film and Warner Music, and Tenique Bernard, who’s a rising star in the company and the industry in general.

NIKE Public Relations

Nike PR

Nike, the most successful brands in America, and possibly the world reports annual revenue around $30.6 billion according to the above cited Business Insider report. Their endorsements and partnerships with sports companies make them the most recognizable retail brand in the world.

The Chief Marketing Officer for Nike, Davide Grasso, worked in Nike’s brand marketing for over 16 years. Previous jobs include Vice President for Brand & Category Management, Asia Pacific, Global Football Marketing, and Brand Marketing Director, USA Region.

The Marketing and PR team at Nike focus on Nike’s niche with Sportswear. David Schriber helms the position of Vice President, North America Brand Marketing at Nike, and Greg Hoffman as Nike’s Vice President – Global Brand Creative & Experience. Both have history branding sportswear throughout their long working experience with Nike.

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