Daniel Palmier: Launches of the new Daniel Palmier Foundation Website

Daniel Palmier

After years of working with a multitude of charities across the globe, The Palmier Foundation have finally decided to come into the public eye as they prepare to launch their first website for the corporation.

Daniel Palmier, founder and CEO of UC Funds, started the Palmier Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation established for the purpose of “giving back.” “I am very blessed to have a supportive family, top notch education and great role models in my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to help others who may not be as blessed as I am.”

Daniel Palmier - The Palmier Foundation

Who is Daniel Palmier and the Daniel Palmier Foundation?

Daniel funds the Palmier Foundation with profits from select transactions thereby creating a development fund, which are further invested to maximize profits. The profits are then distributed to selected charities in order to have the most positive global and community impact.

The website will center around Daniel Palmier’s personal philosophy that “giving is not a choice, it’s an obligation” and focus on two main charities: The Asian Christian Academy and the Notre Dame Haiti Self Sustainability Project.

All of which Daniel Palmier has supported on a significant level. The Palmier Foundation are building the site to raise awareness of issues affecting those in need both globally and locally, featuring multiple other charitable organizations such as the American Lung Society and the New London Hospital in New Hampshire among others.

Daniel Palmier - The Palmier Foundation - UC Funds

Through the Palmier Foundation, Daniel Palmier has made contributions to the Assembly of God Alliance have helped fund the Haiti Self Sustainability Project. Those donations went to the Aide Aux Enfants orphanage (AAEO) in St. George, Haiti. The funds were used to purchase clothing for the children, 40 new mattresses and sheets for the children, an electric pump for assistance in drawing water out of the well, materials for the fixing and construction bed frames, and the purchase of sewing machines, needles and thread for making and repairing clothing and cloth products.

In addition to raw building materials and equipment, the remainder of the assistance provided was used for educational and structural help in order to enable the orphanage to become more self-sufficient.

Daniel Palmier’s contributions to the Asian Christian Academy in Bangalore India helped build 30 churches and staff a 2500 student school for grades K-12, a Christian seminary for 160 students, 35 bed hospital, a mobile medical unit which provides health care to villages.

Dan Palmier hopes that his contributions to health and education in India will help alleviate poverty and do away with the social caste system.

UC FUNDS - Daniel Palmier

In recognition for his charitable work, Daniel Palmier, graduate of St. Christopher’s Class of 1975 and president and CEO of UC Funds was awarded the St. Christopher Alumni Recognition Award in October 2013 for coming to the aid of the storm-ravaged Staten Island St. Christopher’s School and for the American Red Cross for families in need.

Palmier set an initial goal to raise $50,000, which UC Funds would match. Within two weeks, Palmier and UC Funds had raised over $100,000 for the St. Christopher’s relief effort, in addition to $50,000 previously raised for the American Red Cross.

UC Funds also hosted a donation drive throughout the Greater Boston area, collecting hundreds of bags of supplies, which the company transported to Staten Island as Hurricane Sandy relief. To quote Daniel “Our gift to the families of St. Christopher’s School was inspired by my grandmother who lived her life devoted to her three ‘F’s’ Faith, Family and Friends, and she instilled these beliefs in her children and grandchildren.”

Daniel Palmier’s support provided for over 60 families tuition and kept the school open in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Through the establishment of the Palmier Foundation, Daniel Palmier and his family hope to continue their philanthropic efforts broader impact based scale, focusing on local, national and international programs promoting Christian Charity, Health, Arts, Education, Athleticism, Sportsmanship, and humane treatment of animals.

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