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Family Charity Public Relations

Public Relations pros give back – and today we analyze the family foundations of some leading independent PR firm owners. While many of them give additional funds via their own wealth, these foundations often build charity for many years to come and must be given to charity.

Edelman FoundationDaniel J. Edelman Family Foundation

Edelman is the world’s largest PR firm. The firm’s employees number in the thousands. Richard Edelman’s PR Firm reconnects with customers in the public sector. Its specialty lies in communications strategy and public engagement.

This family foundation has been known to give nearly $200,000 annually for charitable purposes as their Return of Private Foundation’s qualifying distributions states. Edelman holds roughly $1.84 million in funds distributed through stock, bonds, and non-interest bearing cash accounts.

Michael Sitrick FoundationMichael Sitrick Foundation

The Michael and Nancy Sitrick Family Charitable Foundation is located in Los Angeles. Its NTEE category falls around Philanthropy, Private Grantmaking Foundations, Voluntarism, and general Grantmaking. This foundation receives about $100,000 from contributions yearly with only $1 marked as an annual liability from Michael Sitrick’s Foundation.

There are over 20 organizations who receive either grants or other contributions from this group every year. These projects range from AIDS awareness to Diabetes, leukemia, and cancer. From a collection of grants and gifts given, The Sitrick Family Foundation works with what is close to $100,000 as operating cash yearly.

Howard Rubenstein PRHoward Rubenstein Family Foundation

The Howard Rubenstein Family Foundation qualifies as a nonprofit organization with a total revenue exceeding $1.2 million annually. Portions of this amount come from dividends and sales of assets. Rubenstein Family Foundation was registered on September 18, 1986, as a New York-based company located on the Avenues of the Americas.

Total assets for the year of 2013 was nearly $1.7 million, as stated on the organization’s Return of Private Foundation form filed each year with the IRS. Its stated charitable activities included over $300,000 given to qualified charitable programs. Howard Rubenstein is the CEO of NY based PR Firm Rubenstein PR.

David and Laura Finn Family FoundationDavid and Laura Finn Family Foundation

This is another tax-exempt organization that is located in the Big Apple. With its 50 years of operation, this foundation is surely older than most of its contemporaries in the City. The foundation’s interests include Judaism, university education, and other nonprofit investments.

The impressive total of contributions and gifts received by this established nonprofit foundation exceeds $4 million. Qualifying distributions filed by The David and Laura Finn Family Foundation reached peaks of $900,000 per year as paid amounts to accomplish charitable causes via the foundation of Ruder Finn’s CEO.

5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian FoundationThe Ronn Torossian Family Foundation Inc.

The Torossian Family Foundation was created as giving back has since been a necessary component in Mr. Torossian’s life. You can expect his charitable foundation to support cancer research as well as educational projects, literacy programs and professional goals of individuals. Funds under management for this nonprofit equaled approximately $130,000 as interest bearing cash holdings alone. Ronn Torossian is the CEO of New York based Public Relations Company 5W PR.

If we missed your favorite PR executives personal family charity we would be happy to write about it if you share details with us.

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