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The simplicity of the digital commerce makes the flower business bigger than ever. Flower companies can now offer hundreds of options to their customers with the click of a few buttons. With so many companies to choose from it’s no wonder the PR and marketing strategy surrounding these businesses is so crucial to their success and differentation from competitors. Here’s a look at three of the biggest flower companies in the industry and what they offer in order to bring customers coming back for more.



Teleflora promises its consumers arrangements that are put together by neighborhood florists that always hand-deliver quickly. Their advertisements focus on the moments celebrated with flower delivery and the sentiments behind them. Teleflora promotes themselves online in a blog that can be accessed from the company’s website and online.

Another service offered to consumers is the Teleflora rewards program. This program offers rewards such as discounts and free bouquets when customers purchase products at full-price.

On its website, Teleflora offers a “Deal of the Day” in which a consumer can pick their price, from $50-$200 and a florist will hand-pick the freshest, largest seasonal flowers available. The florist will then create a one-of-a-kind bouquet for its recipients, making the purchase seem more personal.

1800flowerscom focuses their PR efforts around the ease of placing an order as well as service with a smile and fast delivery. They also pride themselves on being part of a larger group of companies making their website a one-stop-shop for consumers.

Directly from the website, customers can easily access other companies such as, The Popcorn Factory and Cheryl’s baked goods. The  customer can experience the ease of gift giving by selecting from a menu that includes where the gift is going, what occasion is being celebrated, and when it needs to be delivered.They also will receive a wide array of choices based on their selections at different price points.

This company also offers a rewards program to its customers called “Celebration Rewards.” Every time a customer makes a purchase, they are rewarded with points. Once a customer reaches 200 points, they are rewarded with a $20 savings pass.

Also, if a customer shops frequently, they can choose to purchase a “Celebrations Passport.” At a cost of $29.99 for one year, this service offers free shipping and no service charges. MWW PR is the company’s pr firm.



Proflowers offers many of the same services as the other two companies mentioned above but in a more understated way. The PR of this company focuses on simplicity, a fresh product and beautiful designs which can all be accessed on its website and its blog.

When ordering from Proflowers, they guarantee that their flowers are picked directly from the field and delivered to the recipient’s door, making them incredibly fresh and delivered at the height of their beauty.

Other services that are connected through this company’s website include Shari’s Berries and personal This makes them what they call “thoughtfully convenient.”

A service that Proflowers advertises that many other companies do not is business gifting. With this service, business owners can quickly and easily pick out arrangements and gifts for their clients and/or staff and have them delivered in a timely manner. Gable PR works with Proflowers.

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