Kentucky Lottery Needs An Ad Agency

kentucky lottery advertising pr

The Kentucky Lottery Corporation (KLC) has issued an RFP for an advertising agency to intend to maximize revenues for the Commonwealth by offering the best possible games to its citizens, games of the highest quality and integrity, which are consistent with good public policy and social responsibility, and to operate within a framework of public accountability.

Lottery proceeds in Kentucky go to college grant, scholarship and literacy programs across the Commonwealth. Since inception, sales has been approximately $17.2 billion and the KLC has paid more  than $10.3 billion to players in prizes, returned nearly $4.6 billion to the Commonwealth, and over $2.5 billion in college scholarships and grants.

Needs Include:

  1. Creative and Production for Traditional Media;
  2. Media Planning and Buying for Traditional Media (including some Digital, such as advertising that is sold as or bundled with advertising packages of local media outlets); and/or
  3. Creative, Production, and Media Planning & Buying for Digital Media.

Proposal is due by May 25th to:

Kentucky Lottery Corp
1011 West Main Street
Louiseville, KY 40202-2623
Attn: Purchasing Department

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