Leslie Sloane: Offices In Madison Square Garden For Vision PR

Leslie Sloane everything-pr

Almost a year and a half ago Leslie Sloane left BWR where she was co-president for the five years previous and opened her own bi-coastal PR firm, Vision. Vision is headquartered in New York City inside Jim Dolan’s office at Madison Square Gardens but also has a location in Los Angeles. When Vision was opened, several other people from BWR joined in the formation of Vision.

Vision PR everything-pr

Vision PR specializes in celebrity representation and publicity. The firm is listed on contactanycelebrity and shows they represent 39 actors, producers, directors, comedians, musicians, and models. Some of the celebrities they represent include Kate Beckinsale, Scott Foley, Michael J. Fox, Katie Holmes, Blake Lively, Katherine McPhee, Chris Rock, and Renee Zellweger.

Heidi Klum everything-prMany of the stars came with her from BWR, but when Sloane opened Vision, she received backing from both Hollywood big-wig Harvey Weinstein and James Dolan, who owns the New York Knicks. The split with BWR back in April 2014 was not pretty, and BWR immediately began calling clients who Sloane had represented for them. Vision PR officially opened in October 2014, but several associates from BWR left and the group began working for clients by May 2014.

Something interesting, though, Vision PR does not have a website – We’re not certain if that is because they have been so busy representing their client roster that there has not been enough time to get one up and running. Or if possibly they do not plan on having a website. That would be an unusual move for a company that’s all about getting information to the public. Though it’s possible, they feel it is an exclusivity factor for them.

In 2007, Sloane was named one of New York’s 50 most powerful women by the New York Post. On that list, she found herself with some pretty well-known names, like Hillary Rodham Clinton, Diane Sawyer, Heidi Klum, and Arianna Huffington. But it probably didn’t faze her at all, she’s used to being surrounded by people the world knows well from seeing them on screens small and large.

Its interesting she doesn’t seem to have an office though except one inside MSG – yet Vision PR surely has some big-wig clients.

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