Marketing Maven: PR Company Profile

Marketing Maven: PR Company Profile
Marketing Maven: PR Company Profile

Founded in 2009, Marketing Maven is a full-service PR and marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. This is an agency with global contacts that makes sure all of its clients’ objectives are met due to the expertise of the team on-board Marketing Maven.

The agency is always ready to deliver the client’s messages to the public and collaborate with each and every client so that all clients can effectively promote their services or products. Marketing Maven specializes in social media and brand strategy, creative direction, and, most importantly, innovative media relations. 

This is an agency that provides integrated marketing campaigns based on the client’s needs, which means every single campaign is hand-tailored based on whatever the business needs and wants to achieve. The way that Marketing Maven operates is by putting the agency in the client’s shoes and learning everything about the business. The team learns about the problem areas, everything that works, and everything that doesn’t work, essentially, everything that makes that business a business.

Then, Marketing Maven learns about the core story of the business, nurtures it, and turns it into momentum by delivering it to the media and the public in a way that’s going to grab everyone’s attention. This way, every client that takes advantage of Marketing Maven’s services ends up blazing its own trail within their industry.

Marketing Maven offers a variety of different services for its clients, from media relations and creative, to market research, and the agency also has an innovative approach to public relations that earns national placements across different platforms by crafting every campaign according to results from their own market research.  The agency also offers social media services, that ranges from creating the social presence for a business, giving a brand their own voice or identity within an industry, creating branded, informational or promotional content for various platforms, driving engagement, as well as reporting and traffic validation of the service.

Additionally, the agency provides influencer marketing services by connecting clients with relevant social media influencers that have a deeper connection with a target audience, which can streamline a marketing campaign. Marketing Maven has federal capabilities that range from digital media, marketing, and outreach to strategic communication, branding, education, and training.

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