Mayors Fund For Philadelphia Seeks Marketing Help

Mayors Fund For Philadelphia Seeks Marketing Help

The Mayors Fund for Philadelphia (the “Fund”) and the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (“oTIS”) is seeking a qualified agency to create marketing items for the Philly Free Street(s) events.

The Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia (“the Fund”) works in close partnership with the City of Philadelphia and private sector partners to develop and run initiatives that reflect Mayoral priorities and seek to improve the quality of life for all Philadelphians. oTIS is charged with building a shared vision and coordinating decision-making among agencies and departments – Streets, Commerce, Public Property, Traffic Police, City Planning, the School District, Parks and Recreation, the Airport, the waterfront and port agencies, SEPTA, PATCO, PennDOT, Amtrak, and DVRPC in order to save money and improve conditions throughout the City’s transportation system.

Philly Free Streets temporarily closes streets to cars, inviting people to walk, bike, and play.

Since 1994, the City of Philadelphia has closed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive to vehicular traffic, opening streets to people and encouraging active transportation and healthy lifestyles. Philly Free Streets expands on the City’s long-standing commitment to better connect Philadelphians to parks and trails.

The inaugural Philly Free Streets event will take place on Saturday, September 24, from 8am – 1pm and will run from Front & South to the Schuylkill River Trail and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, and on to Parkside and West Fairmount Park. The 7+ mile route will include free, family-friendly fitness activities and educational programming about the City’s waterways, public art, architecture, environment, and vibrant cultures.

Philly Free Streets is an initiative led by oTIS. oTIS intends to have additional Philly Free Streets events for years to come.

oTIS and the Fund seek to create a cost effective campaign supported by the production of promotional and marketing items for use in the September 24, 2016 Philly Free Streets program, as well as future Philly Free Streets programs.

Proposal due by September 20th, 2016 to:

Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia
City Hall Room 708,
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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