Navajo Nation Department of Justice Issues Lobbying RFP

Navajo Nation Department of Justice Issues Lobbying RFP

The Navajo Nation Department of Justice has issued an RFP seeking legislative and lobbying legal services.

The Attorney General is the Chief Legal Officer of the Navajo Nation and supervises all programs and units of the Navajo Nation Department of Justice. The Department of Justice has four separately funded programs: the Office of the Attorney General (and its units), Navajo Hopi Legal Services, the Office of the Prosecutor, and the Juvenile Justice Program.  The Chief Prosecutor administers the latter two programs.

The Office of the Attorney General, and its various units, provide legal services to the three governmental branches of the Navajo Nation Government, including its chapters and entities, in matters in which the Navajo Nation government has an interest. The Attorney General also initiates and defends all litigation against the Navajo Nation and supervises all outside attorney contractors who assist the Nation with various cases.

Scope of work

Legislative and Lobbying Legal Services to assist with the introduction and passage of legislation to implement the Navajo Utah Water Rights Settlement Agreement (NUWRSA) approved by the Navajo Nation Council in January 2016. The NUWRSA provides for the quantification of the water rights of the Navajo Nation in the Upper Colorado River Basin in Utah in the amount of 81,500 acre-feet of depletion per year. The effectiveness of the settlement is contingent on securing U.S. Congressional approval of the settlement and the authorization of approximately $210 million for future water development in the State of Utah. Selected Respondent will provide services to secure favorable approval of the NUWRSA by Congress and by the Utah Legislature. Selected Respondent will report directly to the Attorney General or her designee and will also be expected to work with the elected officials of the Navajo Nation and their offices.

Respondents shall identify all relevant qualifications to provide Legislative and Lobbying Legal Services.

The proposal should specifically address the degree of experience or expertise the applicant possesses in the following areas:

  • Previously approved or pending Indian water rights settlements
  • Department of the Interior Criteria and Procedures for the Settlement of Indian Water Rights
  • Procedures for the introduction of Indian water settlements as identified in Chairman Rob Bishop’s letter of February 26, 2015 to the U.S. Attorney General and the Secretary of the Interior
  • Ability to obtain legislative appropriations, including the identification of budgetary offsets
  • Previous involvement with the staff for members of the Utah congressional delegation; staff for Senate Indian Affairs Committee; staff for House Water and Power Subcommittee; or any other pertinent legislative experience
  • Ability to work with representatives of the State of Utah and the Navajo Nation


Proposal due by September 15 to:

Stanley Pollack, Assistant Attorney General
Water Rights Unit
Navajo Nation Department of Justice
(928) 871-6345
(928) 871-7510

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