New Mexico Village Issues Tourism Marketing RFP

New Mexico Public Relations

The  Village  of  Ruidoso, New Mexico has issued an RFP for full-scale marketing services for the Village of Ruidoso.  The Ruidoso Convention Center offers a picturesque setting with amazing views and 24,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space.

The purpose of the RFP is to provide maximum exposure to the tourism and visitors market in order to boost the Village’s economy and through general advertising promotion, marketing and group sales service at the Village of Ruidoso Convention Center.

Scope of services to include:

Market through print, advertising, direct mail, internet, telephone, word of mouth, personal visits or any other form of marketing services and facilities of the Convention Center.  Market area attractions, such as, but not limited to skiing, horse racing, museums, camping, fishing, hiking, biking and performing arts to support bookings at the Convention Center

Offeror must be able to a) demonstrate knowledge of Lincoln County and surrounding areas, b) have experience with convention marketing, c) promote the Convention Center as the ideal meeting place to group and tour planners, d) diligently follow-up sales leads, attend industry trade shows and do other things required for an efficient and effective sales program, and e) maintain an office at the Convention Center during normal working hours and when not traveling in conjunction with Marketing Services.

Develop and maintain a marketing plan for the Convention Center.

Creative design, production and placement.

Public Relations – offeror must be able to oversee all marketing and coordination of contracts at the Convention Center.  Said coordination shall be with the Convention Center staff and consistent with the direction of the Village Manager.

Group Sales and Service including all government activities, meetings and conferences.

Provide assistance in all aspects of organizing and implementing a marketing plan including but not limited to procurement of services, transportation, lodging, car rental and access to attractions.

Provide ongoing consultative services to the Director of Tourism, Lodgers’ Tax Advisory Board, Village of Ruidoso Council, and Convention Center staff on a  variety of public relation issues and promotional opportunities for the Convention Center.

Act as tour guide and facilitate any media writers, organizations, or tours as required by the Village of Ruidoso.

Proposal due by August 16th, 2016 to:

Village of Ruidoso
313 Cree Meadows Dr.
Ruidoso, NM  88345

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