Peppercomm PR: Executive NOT sued by Floyd Mayweather, Sr.

Floyd Mayweather, Sr

On September 25th Floyd Mayweather, Sr. filed a lawsuit against Ann Barlow and Tim Chan, both residents of Clark County, Nevada, in the Clark County District Court. According to the complaint filed by Mr. Mayweather, he contracted with the two individuals for their help in establishing a non-profit organization to “knock out” sarcoidosis and other preventable brain injuries. Mr. Mayweather – father of champ fighter Floyd – suffers from the condition as do many professional fighters.

Steve Cody, CEO of PeppercommAnd despite rumors to the contrary, as Steve Cody, CEO of Peppercomm confirmed, the Ann Barlow in question is decidedly not the Ann Barlow who is a senior executive for Peppercomm, a leading independent firm – its someone else with the same name.

Mr. Mayweather claims he signed the contract with Barlow and Chan and later discovered they had added into the contract PR services for the organization. He also learned that having filed the paperwork with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office forming the non-profit organization, Ms. Barlow listed herself as not only the Agent of record for the organization, which would be a normal thing for her to do. But she also filed paperwork showing she was the executive director of the organization with both Mr. Chan and Mr. Mayweather as members of the Board of Directors. As executive director, she would have decision making and financial powers.

peppercomm PR

Once the organization was established, a bank account was opened on September 11 with nearly $14,000. By late afternoon there remained less than $1,000 in the account – all money had been withdrawn or used to pay items by Ms. Barlow, who according to Mayweather was never given the authority to access bank accounts or act in the name of the organization, except to set it up with the State.

According to the complaint, the money was used for personal purposes by Ms. Barlow. The only payment agreement in the contract was the pair would receive 10% of income from the organization.

Mr. Mayweather has also filed charges with the police department stating that Ms. Barlow has been harassing him, and continues use of his image, name, and the organization on websites she controls to solicit funds. He filed the suit in part to make the public aware of the situation, to protect them from further fraudulent practices by the duo with regard to his organization.

Currently the organization filed by Barlow is listed in default with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office, but Ms. Barlow and Mr. Chan are also listed as agent of record on two other organizations, the Virtuous Women of Power Inc., a nonprofit corporation, and Positive Image Consulting Services & PR, a limited liability company.

Neither Ms. Barlow nor Mr. Chan responded to requests for comments.

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