Pinterest Rolls Out Block and Report User Features

pinterest logoWhen using any social network (and not only, for that matter, in the online environment), you might want to block a user. On Pinterest, you didn’t have this option until now. But it was a heavily requested option, the third most popular feature request on the site (as mentioned here, and no longer on the official list as it already is a rolled out option). With the block option, the social network has also announced a ‘report user’ feature and more granular email settings.

From now on, it is very easy to block another member of Pinterest. All you have to do is go to that person’s profile, and when hovering over the small flag icon on the right-hand side of their profile information, choose to block them.

“People use Pinterest to discover new ideas and be inspired by a community who share similar interests. We’ve recently added the ability to block and report a user to help keep our community positive and respectful,” wrote Pinterest software engineer Dannie Chu.

Similar to the Block option on Facebook, checking this feature on Pinterest means the two users won’t be able to see each other’s pins, like or repin them, or leave a comment on a pin. The blocked person will find out that a user has taken this action against them when trying to follow them or interact with them on Pinterest. These features are being rolled out this week, so it is possible that not every user sees this flag at the present moment.

Users can also report other members of this social network for any type of bad behavior. If you think a profile needs to be reported, you can do that now and Pinterest officials will send an alert to their Community team to review the account.

Last but not least, Pinterest now offers users the possibility to choose how often they receive email notifications, and what types of alerts they receive.

These are indeed great options – I remember when this social network had started out I was receiving tons of emails each time someone liked/repinned my pins, commented on them, or followed me or some of my boards. That amount of email, along with not being able to block offensive people or report spammers easily turned into quite a hassle.

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