Industry Awards: Are they Necessary in PR?

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At PR agencies these days, the name of the game is awards. Awards highlight a PR firm’s dependability and accountability for future clients. Public Relation is a delicate balance between keeping the interest of the client and having the best features of the client being on display to the general public.

On the flip side, awards are PR for agencies, and the more awards a company has, the better they service themselves with responsibility above their competitors. To a potential client, if you get an award as a PR agency then you’re good at doing your job.

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How PR Agencies Get Awards

The way an agency can stand out and be recognized is by having a customer coming back year after year and increase the budget. With enough return clients the more revenue and the more success stories to be relayed as competition in various award.

Increase in sales revenue and increased market rate for a company can be a direct reflection on the hired PR agency, and therefore a reflection on the agency’s efficiency. Companies that reflect positively on their agencies are more likely to be submitted as candidates for awards.

Lastly, creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of greatness for any industry, and PR is no exception. Come up with a great way for engaging your client base, discover a new of tracking results; anyone doing these things will find themselves nominated, if not holding a trophy.

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What are the Top PR Awards?

The top three awards for a PR agency are: North America Agencies of the Year, American Business Awards, Platinum PR Awards, PR Agency Elite Awards

These three awards test different aspects of companies based on geography, communication skills, and organization in the PR world. These awards are coupled with luncheons and ceremonies that are glamorous affairs with guest speakers and hall of fame inductees.

For example, Platinum PR Awards have Carla Hall (of ABC family and Chef / Owner of Southern Kitchen) as their guest speaker and co-presenter.

The list of Hall of Fame inductees are as follows:

  • MilkPEP – Got Milk?
  • Prudential Financial – Prudential Newsroom
  • Truth Initiative – truth®
  • USA Network – Characters Unite

Those are some heavy hitters when it comes to PR! Especially with the “Got Milk?” campaign being an instantly recognizable slogan in any industry. These are PR campaigns at the top of their game and to be considered next to them is honorary in the profession and well… good PR.

PR awards and ceremonies are a necessary form of PR for agencies to display how important they are to their clients. Good, reliable customer service translates into companies who see an increase in revenue, and are recommended for awards.

Once a PR agency has an award, then they have a leg up on their competition, and clients will be more likely to choose their company, and a PR agency has room to grow.

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