Study: 5 Digital Mom Archetypes

MWW identified 5 Digital mom archetypes

MWW PR Group surveyed over 1,000 moms of various ages and demographic backgrounds to gage their motivations and usage of digital and social media; and finally identified 5 Digital Mom archetypes:

  1. Mobilizers:  With an average age of 33, this group is the youngest and most hyper-connected.  These moms use social media to keep up with friends and popular culture, preferring to do so via mobile devices.
  2. Urban Originals:  These moms are the tastemakers that use social and digital media to network and share their opinions.  This group lives mainly in urban areas and has an average age of 35.  Generating 90% of overall digital mom content and tweeting frequently, this is the most influential, yet smallest segment.
  3. Practical Adopters:  These working moms, with an average age of 45, learn about new trends through mobilizers and urban originals, as they are too busy to stay ahead of the digital curve.  They use technology for practical purposes in managing their day-to-day and family life.
  4. Casual Connectors:  This group has an average age of 47 and mainly uses simple technology to connect with close friends and family (especially children).
  5. Wallflowers:  This segment would rather consume media than produce it.  They are interested in visuals and entertainment, which they mainly browse via tablets.  These moms have an average age of 34 and are primarily homemakers.

“These moms are uniquely influenced – and hold influence – over others, including celebrities, friends, families, and other networks. By understanding how different segments of moms share and receive information, we can design programs that are micro-targeted and unique to the kinds of moms brands want to reach,” explained MWW Vice President, Doug O’Reilly.

MWW PR’s research and analysis will help brands entice mom’s via social and digital media with their diverse interests in mind. 

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