Is PR Important?

Public Relations

Public relations is an important business investment that helps with brand recognition. As the CEO of 5WPR, I know my fair share on how to create public relations campaigns for some of the top firms in the country. 5WPR is one of the largest public relations companies in the country and Torossian is not shy to share the importance of good public relations, especially for some of the largest companies in the country.

Here are some pieces of advice I have provided for you today:

The Brand Needs an Audience: Of course public relations can help capture new customer leads. But, those leads will mean nothing if the brand’s audience is not defined. An existing audience that understands the brand and can be relied upon for the brand is a key public relations insight. Spending too much time using public relations as only a customer lead mechanism will be hit or miss and can squander good time spend interacting with the existing audience for the brand.

Diversify Content: News sources that pick up on public relations publications are keen to what they are listening to. Because of this, a good public relations approach is to structure news and information to the news source. Although this may seem like it will consume a lot of time, if a company does not pitch specific messages for different sources, then the public relations message will be bland and uniform. In addition, media outlets may notice that and claim the lacking creativity on the company’s public relations campaigns. The best approach, then, is to diversify the content that is being given to sources regarding public relations.

Constantly Produce Positive Content: As any internet marketer knows, the most viral content with the best keywords tends to reach the top of search engine results. When there can be negative or critical analysis of a company online, the more the company can produce positive information regarding the company, the more those stories can drown out negative and critical stories. None of this silences criticism; creating a plethora of consistent positive public relations content will simply and organically traffic the internet with more positive analysis over negative analysis. That way, search result queries of the company may include more of a mix of positive and negative stories or a saturation of positive public relation stories.

Carve Out Investments for Public Relations: Whether its a start-up or a big company, most of these businesses fail to understand of importance of making connections through public relations. Without constituting too much time away from key managerial functions, a business should take a respectable amount of time to invest in public relations. This way, managers and workers can craft appropriate messages and strategies for the coming days or weeks. Thinking that public relations should not consume much of the work day is a huge error managers will make and could spell their downfall.

About Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian is the Founder and CEO of 5W Public Relations. He is an experienced leader in the public relations industry with over 20 years of experience. Ronn Torossian has been named as Public Relations executive of the year by the American Business Awards, and has run countless award-winning Public Relations programs.