SeniorLAW Center Issues Marketing, Communications and Branding RFP

SeniorLAW Center Issues Marketing, Communications and Branding RFP
SeniorLAW Center Issues Marketing, Communications and Branding RFP

SeniorLAW Center is requesting proposals from creative agencies to help in the creation and implementation of a marketing, communications and branding strategy for SeniorLAW Center and the department of Victim Services.


SeniorLAW Center’s mission is to seek justice for older people by using the power of the law, educating the community and advocating on local, state and national levels. Founded by leaders of the Philadelphia Bar Association in 1978 as the independent nonprofit “Senior Citizen Judicare Project,” our original mandate was to address the unmet legal needs of a small segment of Philadelphia’s elders in specific impoverished neighborhoods of the city, whose needs were unmet by traditional legal services.

In 2002, we changed our name to SeniorLAW Center, expanding staff and services, and relocating to our first independent offices in center city. In 2003, we initiated the toll-free, statewide SeniorLAW HelpLine, providing free legal advice, counseling, information and referrals to older people throughout Pennsylvania for the first time. Our many programs and services focus on the critical civil legal crises and problems faced by older people and families, serving over 5,000 individuals each year. Our vision is a world that values older people, hears their voices and guarantees their rights. Our diverse staff of 34 today provides services through 5 offices in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. All of our services are free. Since 1978, we have served over 400,000 older people across the Commonwealth.

Most older people to whom we provide direct legal representation live at or well below 150% of the federal poverty level, and many face other vulnerabilities (including isolation, frailty, illness, disability, language access). The demand for our services continues to increase as the older population we serve continues to grow to 20% of the Pennsylvania population. We are proud to be a voice for one of the most vulnerable and most underserved populations in our country.

Scope of Work:

1. Create a marketing, branding and communications strategy for SeniorLAW Center,

focusing on SeniorLAW Center’s Victim Services programs and services.

2. Brand our organization so that SeniorLAW Center is known for seeking justice for older


3. Include how to market and communicate a strategy that articulates the unique and vitally

important role that SeniorLAW Center plays in the five counties.

4. Develop and design messaging to older victims/clients including the development of new

brochures, flyers, one page project infographics, flyer templates, press releases, website

and social media content, print, radio, speaking and other opportunities.

5. Create a strategy to reach potential victims of crime, potential new clients, new partners,

the homebound, and target audience, including translated materials in a wider range of

languages and greater access to interpreters.

6. Assist SeniorLAW Center staff in implementing the created plan.

SeniorLAW Center

Marketing, Communications and Branding 2019

7. Offer resources through free PSAs, free and low-cost radio and other advertising

opportunities through the candidate’s networks.

8. Add thoughtfully, creatively and strategically to ideas that are not listed in the proposed

plans to help make the project efficient and effective.

Target Audiences

1. Clients (including those who are homebound or disabled)

2. Older People

3. Philanthropic Communities (both in PA and nationally)

4. Aging Services Network

5. Limited English Proficiency

6. Veterans


8. Leaders/Stakeholders

9. The General Public

Due Date:

November 18, 2019


Relevant agencies include Hunter PR and Prosek Partners .

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