Tartan Silk and Caledonia Tie PR Knot

Martin HuntSome UK PR news, Tartan Silk Public Relations just announced their joining forces with Scottish PR firm Caledonia Public Affairs. According to the news, the two companies decided on the move in order to better extend offerings to their individual clients.

Tartan Silk, established by Martin Hunt (left) in “97”, specializes in serving clients from luxury brands to social care. As for Caledonia, the recently established firm (2006) specializes in public affairs, media communications, and government relations, according the the news.

The latter company’s founder, Devin Scobie has been an adviser for some of Europe’s largest companies, as well as some 30 plus Top 100 companies on FTSE’s lists. Martin Hunt had this to add about the deal:

“I see this as an exciting opportunity for a new type of business collaboration. It is not a merger. It is not an acquisition. It is a pooling of resources for the benefit of our clients.”

Meanwhile, Calednoia’s boss Scobie commented that; “Together, Caledonia and Tartan Silk make a rather special partnership…” He went on to speak of several key appointments, as well as various recent areas of expertise relevant to the deal.

The deal announcement took on an overall client value-centric tone. Both decision makers were upbeat about the “two heads are better” proposition for their client rosters.

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