Top 10 Factors that Influence Purchase Decisions


Ecommerce sites and retailers have now a great tool at their disposal: an infographic by Bigcommerce, showing the top 10 factors influencing a purchasing decision.

The infographic shows, in the following order, that product quality, free shipping, easy returns, customer reviews, visual search, great navigation, checkout ease, multiple options, special size and new product, are all playing a significant role in influencing purchase decisions online.

The infographic provides other interesting data, like the most important store features, with competitive pricing playing a critical role (80%) followed by online purchase (62%) and delivery speed (54%). It also shows how the Web impacts shopping, with 62% of customers researching online before making a big-ticket purchase, and 9 in 10 users watching videos about the tech products they are about to buy.

Smart devices are already integrated part of the shopping experience, with 76% of smartphone owners using their devices while shopping. Never ignore the power of social media either: 81% shoppers say that posts from their friends have directly influenced their purchase decisions. For even more useful data, check out the Bigcommerce infographic below:

top 10 factors influencing a purchasing decision INFOGRAPHIC

The top 10 factors influencing a purchasing decision

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