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San Juan County, Utah is one of the most economically under developed in the State of Utah and is seeking a digital media agency.

They want to to update, redesign, develop and implement a new County website utilizing existing information on its current website http://www.sanjuancounty.org/, as well as new information, products and features as suggested by the County commission, Management, IT services, and Department heads. The County’s existing website contains the majority of the general information that needs to be maintained with improved access and interaction with modern browsers for multiple platforms including desktop, tablet, and phone screen sizes. It needs to continue to include separate pages for its twenty one different departments and include a welcoming home and contact page.

A redesigned San Juan County web site will be the public face of government for the County. The website should be attractive in nature and highlight regional attractions and focus on the services the County government provides to its residents. The re­design will serve as a catalyst to help departments make their services easier to access and improve communication within the County organization and for the public whom which it serves. The website should become the hub of information for visitors, residents and business owners. It will make it easier for those who currently live and work in the County to get the help they need from local government.


  • A Web Re­design will benefit residents by being the “go to” place at any time to find the answers to questions about County services. It will save trips to the County seat, reduce phone calls to County employees and will provide up­to­date County news, a calendar of events and information on all critical local government issues. A secure online credit card payment process will be considered for select fees and services. Consideration will also be given to an automatic notification system available through email, PDA and/or phone about emergencies or hazardous conditions.
  • A Web Re­design will benefit businesses by providing instant access to County information and regulations, as well as many online permitting and fee payments. Businesses will benefit from the updated look and exposure and publicity to the region.
  • A Web Re­design will benefit prospective residents and businesses by offering them a comprehensive profile of the region, including attractive photos, demographics, school information, recreational and cultural opportunities, local organizations and churches, and residential and commercial real estate information. The website should be a marketing tool that conveys the reasons San Juan County is a great place to live and locate a family or business. The user interface, images and copy tone should be consistent with this objective.
  • A Web Re­design will benefit visitors by presenting an engaging, enticing view of the County with a PR message of engagement, involvement and enjoyment of the wonderful natural resources of the region. The site will feather into the Economic Development and tourism site which ideally would be developed in concert with this County operations re­design effort.
  • A Web Re­design will benefit County employees by relieving them of time­consuming, redundant requests for information. Instead, they will be able to direct people to details on a Web page or to online applications and forms. The new website will be easy to maintain with users from each department authorized to post, edit and delete specific content. The improved website would support efficient use of County computing resources by connecting the any County intranet and ancillary sites.
  • A Web Re­design will benefit service providers who serve both homeowners and business owners planning to remodel or add on to their home or business who need access to up to date information on County planning codes and processes, as well as forms and handouts needed for planning applications and requirements.
  • A Web Re­design will benefit the citizens and those who govern the County by providing a platform for digital democracy. Easy access to County meeting agendas, audio files of commissioner meetings, and searchable pdf’s.  Contact info for commissioners and all County officials easily available from the home page. Consideration will be given for future video and audio streaming.

Proposals are due by May 14, 2016 to:

Kelly Pehrson, Administrator

117 South Main, #202

  1. O. Box 9

Monticello, UT 84535

Phone: (435)587­3225

Fax: (435)587­2447 rmbailey@sanjuancounty.org

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