Yellow Pages Gets a Whole New Look

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The Yellow Pages as we know them are about to disappear. For over 40 years, we’ve had the big, heavy books that serve as doorstops, booster seats and, of course, business phone directories. However, those massive books are getting a makeover and they will now be produced in smaller, more compact versions.

Why the big change? Well, a study was done and it was discovered that usage of the Yellow Pages increased by 7% when the size of the directory was reduced. We’re used to the A4 size, but the new versions will be 5 cm shorter and 4 cm narrower now. 85% of Yellow Page users say they would prefer the smaller version of the handy directory.

The new Yellow Pages compact version is easier to handle and will be introduced in June of 2010. The smaller size means that the books can be slipped into letter boxes easily, so no more tripping over the oversized book on your doorstep.

The smaller design isn’t the only thing that’s changing. To continue with the drastic revamp, the Yellow Pages will also be introducing “local listings” to make it easier for people to find the businesses they need in a specific area.

Jason Smith, director of printed products at Yell which publishes Yellow Pages directories, said: “This is an important step for Yellow Pages, meeting the changing requirements and preferences of our consumers when searching for local businesses in their area.  “Our research shows they find a modern, compact size directory a very handy format and this has the potential for driving further usage, ensuring we continue to provide strong value to our advertisers by helping generate sales leads for them. This development is part of Yell’s ongoing investment in all its products and services – Yellow Pages, and 118 24 7.”


  1. says

    Yes, the phone directories have been around for longer, however, 40 years ago is when the current design was created. As for a smaller format being less useful, I’m only reporting the news. :)

  2. Martin Johnson says

    1. Large complete phone directories have been around for 100 years (not 40).
    2. Smaller books do not have complete phone directories, therefore defeating the purpose of the telephone directory book. Some small format go so far as to only publish those that advertise with them. Other pick a few more listing to make it “look good”.
    3. Some small format phone directories have won national awards for their covers, but not their content.

    Conclusion: Beware of small phone directories; your probably being cheated. The few that are complete are unreadable…there goes the purpose of the phone directory again. I prefer complete and readable formats; no matter the size.

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