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He was the Most Interesting Man in the World. Now he’s an average civilian. For weeks fans and marketing gurus wondered who would take over as the Most Interesting spokesman for Dos Equis beer.

Turns out, it should be spokesperson. Sports reporter Erin Andrews landed the job, a major get that put her name in the headlines for something other than winning a $55 million lawsuit, damages levied due to a secret video that filmed Andrews in the nude without her knowledge or consent.

The new gig doesn’t officially brand Andrews as the Most Interesting Woman in the World. In fact, she’s described as the 5,008th Most Interesting Person in the World. Congratulations, Erin, and to Dos Equis for its sexual equity.

The 15-second bit has all the same points of the longer Most Interesting Man shorts: rich-voiced narrator, silly situations, and script puns. For example: “Her personality is so infectious, she’s unable to enter hospitals…”

But when said narrator declares her the “5,008th” most interesting person, Andrews momentarily scowls in surprise before declaring: “I can drink beer with the best of them, and when I do, I drink Dos Equis.”

The close of the bit is a contest teaser daring Dos Equis drinkers to share the reasons why they are interesting. It’s an interesting salvo into the modern interactive media environment. Doritos hit it out of the park when they asked their fans to create Super Bowl commercials, and other brands have built entire marketing models around user-generated content.

Dos Equis is poised to ride the wave of social media interactive advertising well if they can get a handle on this concept. Their Most Interesting campaign is one of the most ubiquitous and recognized campaigns of the recent decade. There’s no doubt millions of beer-drinking football fans have bragged about doing “interesting” things or imagined themselves pulling off some of the stunts of Senor Most Interesting. Now, with an assist from Ms. Andrews, they have that chance.

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