New Jersey Reality Shows Are Being Cast

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Tami Brandel says:

We are currently casting glamorous women, housewives and families in New Jersey who live in fabulous homes and live an even more fabulous lifestyle for a Major Network Docu-series TV show! . Ideally we are looking for a group of women who are all connected through family, business and/or friendship…something that screams Jersey!

I am also seeking Family owned Businesses and the fabulous/powerful women/housewives behind them for a Major Network Docu-series TV show!

* These docu-series are an amazing platform to promote your business, company, idea, book, cookbook, etc… Bethenny Frankel, is the perfect example. She has turned a little idea on Real Housewives into a multi-million dollar company!

Email to

1. Name and Age
2. City, State
3. Occupation
5. Husbands Name and occupation
6. Your story- who you are, who your married to, what is your life style like and why you are fabulous!
7. Please include several pictures of you, your family and your home.

Who would make the best character on a reality show? Executives at Jersey based Coyne PR, MWW PR or Beckerman PR?

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