The Four Leading LGBT PR Agencies

Leading LGBT PR Agencies

There are agencies that specialize in all kinds of areas. Considering LGBT issues, and the $700 billion or more in disposable income from this group, it’s not surprising firms specialize in LGBT issues. Some of the firms listed below deal almost exclusively in PR related to LGBT concerns and marketing, while some have divisions to do so. Here’s our take on some of the top firms in this field.

Out Now Consulting

Out Now Global

Many of the firm’s clients are in banking, tourism, and insurance. They match their clients’ messages with expectations of the target audience positioning communication for optimal results. Sharing the client’s offerings that matter most to members of the gay and lesbian communities is the goal. Recent and current clients include Aviva, Nationwide, Barclays Bank, Stockholm Visitors Board, Lloyds Banking Group, and Visit Britain.

Popular Publicity NY/Penetration Inc.

popular publicity nyc

These are two separate firms, but for both, the in-charge person of LGBT issues is DJ Andy Reynolds. So these two are combined in this review. Based in New York City, they also work with clients in Canada, the U.K., Europe, Australia, and throughout the US. They specialize in getting information into print publications, top websites & blogs, television, radio, and providing tour press & event listings. Clients include Amanda Lepore, Cazwell, GusGus, Bob Mould, and Cucu Diamantes.


outbrands logo

Began originally as a digital marketing agency in the 1990’s and as years passed, leaders emerged, and matured, the firm changed. They became an eCommerce, lifestyle marketing, with web design, and digital elements pulled into the framework of a traditional advertising agency. They pride themselves on playing inside the ropes on LGBT issues.

Industries they serve are automotive, retail & ecommerce, consumer goods, technology & telecommunications, financial services, travel & leisure, healthcare & life sciences, government & nonprofit, and media entertainment.

Flip at Radarworks, Inc.

flip at radar works

Tom Whitman, Sr. VP & Director of Flip, has been working his magic for approximately 20 years. He’s produced intimate groups of influencers up to crowds of 250,000. Flip, which just opened a few years ago, specializes in connecting Fortune 500s with the LGBT community and has had great success in doing so.

Radarworks clients include AT&T, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Microsoft, Acer, and Sony.

Whether dealing with LGBT concerns or otherwise, people have similar interests, the LGBT PR people use this niche to connect companies with target groups the Firms have become very familiar with, that’s the difference they bring to the table.

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