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Worst Companies to do PR for 0

Worst Companies to do PR For

Public relations crises and scandals are and will remain plentiful. Let’s review which major companies are the worst to fear in 2015’s world of PR. Security Hacks have been big this year, so have...

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The Four Leading LGBT PR Agencies

There are agencies that specialize in all kinds of areas. Considering LGBT issues, and the $700 billion or more in disposable income from this group, it’s not surprising firms specialize in LGBT issues. Some...

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Best Companies to do PR For

Reputation Institute, a private consulting firm, conducts online interviews annually, asking people for their thoughts about the nation’s largest (by annual revenue) 150 companies’ products and services, citizenship, workplace, financial performance, governance, innovation, and...

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Techcrunch Radio Pitch-Off

Techcrunch is the award winning, industry leading tech blog, news service and conference organizer. The firm has been providing breaking coverage of Silicon Valley and all things technology for over a decade. It’s conferences...

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CEO of 5W PR Misses Atari

For 30 years, stories have been circulating among gamers and geeks about a mass video game grave, in a New Mexico landfill, where truckloads of the Atari video game, E.T. were buried under a concrete covering.

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Why Microsoft and Nokia Now Have an Uphill PR Battle

It was supposed to happen sooner, and it was supposed to have an earthshaking impact on the consumer mobile market. Neither of those predictions came to pass, and now that Microsoft has finally got Nokia’s device unit under its wing, the software giant has a lot of ground to make up, in both market share and consumer confidence.