Non-Profit Issues Digital Media RFP

Non-Profit Issues Digital Media RFPMary’s Pence, a nonprofit that was started 30 years ago to meet funding needs of social change projects lead by and benefitting women has issued an RFP for a digital media agency. Mary’s Pence invests in women across the Americas by funding community initiatives and fostering collaborations to create social change.  Mary’s Pence Grants: Mary’s Pence funds projects in the US and Canada that increase the economic security of women and amplify women’s voices in their communities.

Projects they fund are:

  • Women led – for the benefit of women and their families
  • Community centered – emerging from a need identified within the community, and collaboratively developed by members of the community, flexible enough to meet new, changing or emerging needs.
  • Focused on social justice values – the values of human dignity, the common good, the right to economic security and dignified work, care for the earth, participation, subsidiarity (decisions are made at the most local level possible and involve those most impacted) and nonviolence.
  • Working for long term sustainable social change – addressing underlying causes of injustice by:
    • Shifting public opinion about justice issues,
    • Forming alliances and collaborations across diverse populations,
    • Creating change in unjust structure or policies, or
    • Building capacity by building skills – leadership, organizing or other skills.



  • Content built on a platform that allows staff to update and maintain content, including text, video and pictures and is mobile responsive.
  • Web site functions
    • Blog with comment capability, calendar, donate now (Vantiv and PayPal), sign up for newsletter (perhaps a few other forms for requesting materials, etc)
    • Automatic refreshing of blog and news content shown on various pages, such as homepage, Mary’s Pence Grants page, and ESPERA page.
    • Search function
    • Search Engine Optimization

Proposal due by January 20, 2017 to:

Mary’s Pence
275 East 4th Street #510
St. Paul, MN 55101
Katherine Wojtan, Executive Director

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