NYSIF: New York State Insurance Fund Issues Marketing RFP

New York State Insurance Fund Issues Marketing RFP

The New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) was established in 1914 as part of the original enactment of the New York Workers’ Compensation Law.  The Fund’s mission is to guarantee the availability of workers’ compensation insurance at the lowest possible cost to employers, while maintaining a solvent fund, as well as to provide timely and appropriate indemnity and medical payments to injured workers. NYSIF is a self-supporting insurance carrier that competes with private insurers in both the workers’ compensation and disability benefit markets in New York State.

With 160,000 policyholders, over $2 billion in annual premium and $17 billion of assets, NYSIF is the largest workers’ compensation carrier in the state and among the top five largest workers’ compensation carriers in the nation.  NYSIF provides disability benefits coverage for off-the-job injuries to more than 61,000 New York employers.

NYSIF is seeking a qualified advertising, marketing, media and communications agency to create and implement strategies for new and existing products. Services will primarily include improving NYSIF’s image, improving digital communications, increasing website usage, creating website content, launching and marketing new products, and planning/managing media buys.

NYSIF’s three main customers are policyholders (both workers’ compensation and disability benefits), claimants (both workers’ compensation and disability benefits), and insurance representatives (brokers, agents, Safety Group Managers, etc.). NYSIF also serves medical providers by providing payment for workers’ compensation treatment for claimants. Because NYSIF is communicating with injured individuals, it is critical that its message be both clear and compassionate. At the same time, part of NYSIF’s mission is to offer workers’ compensation at the lowest possible cost to businesses.

Over the term of the contract, the firm will be required to assist NYSIF with marketing and communications needs with new and ongoing projects.

Services to be provided include:

  1. Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, will include determining objectives, research, tactics, budgets, schedules and a target audience.

  1. Creative Services

The firm is required to produce high-quality graphic materials for use in print and electronic media, including brochures, mailings, ads, display newsletters, and digital media enhancements.

  1. Campaign Planning

The firm will assist NYSIF in developing and executing promotional campaigns involving traditional and digital marketing. This will include the placement and distribution of the advertising material through several media outlets including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, webpages, mail, e-mail and social media.

  1. Web Development, Search Engine Optimization

The firm will assist in developing the NYSIF website and creating and developing new pages in coordination with NYSIF’s technology team. This will include site architecture, page design, content development, content editing, videos, interactive features, landing page and micro-site development, retargeting and graphic elements. The firm will be responsible for increasing NYSIF’s website traffic and Search Engine Optimization results on an ongoing basis and providing monthly web page statistics.

  1. Analysis and Response

The firm will be responsible for analyzing the strategies and results of past and present NYSIF campaigns. This analysis will include project results, customer feedback and website analytics. The firm will be required to use these findings to update current project plans and influence future projects. NYSIF also seeks to improve its customer feedback process to better assist in planning.

Proposal due by September 7th, 2016 to:

Vincent Ginardi
Contract Management Specialist Phone:  (518) 437-4356
E-Mail: contracts@nysif.com<mailto:contracts@nysif.com>

Some New York based PR companies that work in corporate communications include Makovsky PR, DKC PR, KCSA Communications and 5WPR.

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