Orange County, New York Seeking Social Media Monitoring

orange county new york social media

Orange County, New York has issued an RFP for a social media threat monitoring software platform. Located 40 miles from Manhattan, Orange County is one of the most attractive areas in the New York metropolitan area. Affordable housing, excellent school systems, a low crime rate, outstanding road, rail and air transportation, lack of congestion, and a wide range of recreational activities offer unique advantages for business and for living.

The County seeks a technical software-as-a-service solution that will meet the following requirements:

  1. Allow County users to create and manage lists unique to the County’s needs.
  2. Ability to generate alerts from publicly available social media sites.
  3. Ability to add keywords, key phrases, and hashtags as needed.
  4. Ability to apply keywords to search inside and outside specific geographical boundaries.
  5. Ability to translate alerts from various languages.
  6. Ability to translate from acronyms.
  7. Administrative function for setting up of roles and permissions.
  8. Logging functions and reports to record and print system access records.
  9. Ability to send email notifications of generated alerts to multiple email accounts.
  10. Generated alert notifications must be archivable for historical purposes.
  11. Ability to create reports on generated alerts.

Proposals are due by May 9th, 2016 to: RFP- DGS02-16 SOCIAL MEDIA THREAT MONITORING, James Burpoe, Commissioner, Department of General Services, PO Box 218, 22 Wells Farm Road, Goshen, NY 10924

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