PR Happenings at JConnelly, 5WPR, Jared and Ivanka’s PR, and Weber Shandwick

Adam Schiff Joins JConnelly to Oversee Growth and Expansion

With 20 years’ of experience in PR and marketing, Adam Schiff now becomes COO of JConnelly. He will be in charge of daily efforts and work with CEO and founder, Jennifer Connelly regarding leadership, management, and vision, looking toward expansion and future growth of the agency. His past employment record includes 15 years at DKC ending as an EVP.

5WPR Becomes AOR for LottoGopher Holdings Inc.

Not for the first time a gaming company has signed with Top 15 Independent PR firm, 5WPR. LottoGopher Holdings recently signed 5WPR as their PR AOR. LottoGopher is a service for those wanting to order and manager state lottery tickets online through credit and debit card payments. 5WPR also represents large gaming industry companies including Harrah’s, Publisher’s Clearing House, and Caesars Entertainment Corp.

LottoGopher’s CEO, President, and Director, said: “When looking for an agency to propel our brand into the next chapter of growth we looked no further than 5W Public Relations — Ronn Torossian and team have proven their strengths as a powerhouse agency time and time again.”

Jared And Ivanka, The Workings of Their PR Machine

When it comes to PR for Jared and Ivanka (does anyone have to list last names here?), Josh Raffel, a former journalist, now is in charge from his spot in the White House. Although Ivanka may have grown up and learned to navigate PR and media for most of her life, not as much so for her husband, so sometimes in his exchanges with journalists and media can be a bit awkward. The good news for Jared is that he doesn’t often have to venture into those conversations. Usually, Josh Raffel is on hand to handle them.

Raffel has worked with Kushner’s family for several years, and though his political leanings are more toward the Democratic Party, he was a supporter of the Clinton campaign, both Jared and Ivanka trust him, and he has proven his trustworthiness to them. That is enough for them to have chosen him as their press rep. According to the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, “He’s very integrated into our press team. I probably talk to Josh 30 times a day. I certainly wouldn’t say he’s doing personal PR, but he handles a lot of things in [Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s] portfolio.”

Weber Shandwick Now Promoting Travel to the Bahamas

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism signed Weber Shandwick as their agency of record in Canada and the US, also limited work in Latin America and the UK. WS will be working in their tourism communications as they promote the 16 islands. WS brings their 18 years of efforts in destination PR to this new client, centering on reaching consumers effectively about the delights of travel in the Bahamas.

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