Public Relations: A Key Part of a Food Organization’s Growth

Nearly all food companies have their own public relations department or assign their PR tasks to a third party. Public relations are considered a crucial factor that can help a company preserve its image and reputation, and communicate its message to a target audience. The truth is that a positive perception of a business or a non-profit organization can truly boost sales and enhance their bottom line. Therefore, companies should know that public relations are of the utmost importance.

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The main tasks and functions of a PR professional vary from one company to another, so the first thing you have to do is to identify the needs of your business. Then, you should get in touch with a specialist and set up a plan that will ensure your food organization’s success. In the following lines we’ll have a closer look at the main benefit of public relations for the growth of a business.

Public Image Plan

Public relations specialists collaborate with company executives so that they can find out how they want their organization to be perceived. Furthermore, they will also try to find the best way to generate a positive image. PR campaigns should focus on the message a company wants to send, establish further outlines of the campaign, and spread the word. Public relations experts organize all sorts of events to enhance the profile of a company or associate its name and brand with a charitable event that matches the organization’s values. For example, a hospital can arrange a health outreach day, whereas a company can sponsor a Special Olympics event.

Media connections  

Discussing with the media is definitely one of the most important roles of public relations departments. PR specialists have to answer questions inquired by members of the media, organize interviews with key workers in the company, and write press releases to inform the media about the organization’s accomplishments or events.

Social Media

Another role of public relations departments is to take full advantage of social media to build a company’s reputation and image. Managing a Facebook page, a YouTube channel or a Twitter feed are crucial methods to get in touch with potential new clients or stakeholders. What’s more, supervising public comments about a marketed company on the Internet enables public relations professionals to identify any up-and-coming trends or issues.

Managing Emergencies

There are cases when an organization or business deals with a devastating event that destroys its reputation and public image. Food companies are highly exposed to these types of problems, since they can easily experience a contamination event. Hence, PR experts establish how the company can fix its image, they state how they can handle the problem, and they will try to send an optimistic message.

The advantages of public relations

Public relations are a cost-effective method through which a company can reach out to a greater audience. Besides, it stimulates the demand for the services or products provided by an organization, and it fortifies its perception and image. Public relations specialists can show the audience that the business is active and inventive, and that it generates credibility. When your competitors are not using PR efficiently, it won’t be difficult to get on top. PR can also boost search engine visibility and awareness of the organization’s goods or services, so an efficient campaign will completely change people’s public opinion about a certain organization.

Business Insider recently published a detailed list with some epic PR disasters in 2012. Among two of the most ridiculous yet staggering food campaigns we have Burger King and an employee who stands with his feet on a pile of lettuce, and of course McDonalds and its McDstories on twitter gone rogue.

Courtesy A Hamburger Today blog

An effective public relations program features a plethora of advantages that outshines the benefits of traditional marketing. Studies have shown that PR enjoys greater credibility than any other conventional advertising methods currently available on the market. If you don’t have a public relations department in your company, you are advised hire a specialist to take care of your organization’s PR. When done right, public relations can influence human perception, and before you know it your company will achieve great recognition. For that to happen it’s paramount to protect your business for bad press, and as far as you have nothing to hide, things will be just fine.

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