Rihanna’s New PR Team and PR Updates from Around the Industry

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Several changes recently occurred in PR, both onscreen and off. Some public relations firms prepare to celebrate huge gains, and others to amend serious losses. Here’s some of what happened.

Jenna Elfman PR

Jenna Elfman Returns to the Small Screen as a PR Specialist

The first major shake-up in PR takes place on screen. Best known for her role on Dharma and Greg, Jenna Elfman left small screen acting behind when she signed on for movie roles in Accidentally on Purpose, Growing Up With Fisher, and 1600 Penn. But now she’ll be starring in an action comedy pilot from David Guarascio and Adam F. Goldberg.

Elfman plays Alice, a relationship expert working for a well-known PR firm specializing in representing pro athletes. In the pilot, she must use her professional skills as a relationship expert in PR to navigate through her personal affairs since the man of her dreams comes with baggage and three kids.

Rihanna PR

Rihanna Hires UK Firm to Manage Public Affairs

Major changes also took place off screen for well-known UK Firm Dawbell. The company recently made headlines when it lucked out by adding Harry Styles to its client list. The agency struck gold again by signing Rihanna as well.

Dawbell handles all of Rihanna’s print and online publicity in the UK, where she has a strong foothold in the local music and entertainment business. The PR firm’s impressive clientele also includes the likes of Pharrell Williams and the Brit Awards.

Michael Bray of Passion Vines

Michael Bray Scheduled to Discuss PR Strategies at Luncheon

Great news for those looking for insight on how to grow their business: the founder of Passion Vines Wines & Spirit Company, Michael Bray, is scheduled to address the PR Council of Greater Atlantic City this Tuesday. In the address taking place during the group’s luncheon meeting, Bray plans to discuss marketing strategies aimed at helping businesses thrive in the current marketplace. Well known New Jersey PR firms include Coyne PR & MWW PR.

Influential PR Executive Dies at 72

Ron Rogers Influential PR

Unfortunately, not all has been well in PR.  Regrettably, Ron Rogers passed away at the age of 72. A public relations executive, Rogers worked hard to influence civic affairs policy in Los Angeles.  Son of another great name in L.A. PR, Henry Rogers, Ron Rogers established his PR firm in 1978 and grew it into a well-respected agency. This firm  would later attract global firms like Coca-Cola and Honda.

A supporter of several goodwill causes, Rogers’ involvement in civil affairs also branched into his work. For instance, shortly after establishing his firm, he worked with a small rape treatment center at a local hospital. He also helped provide funding for civil workers such as the police and local firefighters, who still credit him for his involvement.

Ogilvy Places more Focus on North American Locations

Ogilvy also experienced its fair share of losses, though these were related to the company’s performance. Due to lower than expected growth in North America, the public relations firm now plans to refocus some of its energy on expanding its North American base.

Headquartered in Washington DC, the PR firm believes DC still carries a lot of potential, but it requires more personal attention to see real growth. CEO Stuart Smith expects to play a major role in amping up North American efforts, alongside Rob Mathias, who currently heads Ogilvy’s North American region.

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