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Huntsworth’s PR

Huntsworth’s Multitasking PR Finesse

Grayling, Huntsworth’s PR flagship, finished its third rebranding in five years, and now claims to be ready to reverse its recent misfortunes amidst rapid change in the PR market.

“This new identity was developed in response to client feedback, in consultation with our leadership team globally and using our own in-house studio to reflect a mood of confidence throughout the agency, buoyed by new leaders in key positions, new client mandates and a clear vision,” commented Huntsworth’s CEO and Grayling chairman, Paul Taaffe.

Grayling was a major focus for Huntsworth this year, as a significant realignment of positions company-wide affected over 100 employees in an attempt to reduce staff costs. The firm closed five offices in total, redirecting resources to rapidly developing markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Grayling’s most recent rebrand occurred in 2013 under the purview of the former CEO Pete Pederson (who recently stepped down after holding the position for two years). While there, he managed the consolidation of the firm’s US offices under a single P&L. Peter Harris informed the Holmes Report organizational redistributions within the firm are unrelated to the new rebrand, saying of the coincidence  it’s really a “clearer and smarter path forward.”

In broad terms, Grayling revenues fell by 8.8% on a like-for-like basis to $47.7 million in the first half of 2015, with margins of only 2.3%.


Samsung Seeks Cost-Effective PR Firm to Hold Market Lead Over Apple

Samsung Electronics currently reviews its global PR duties for a growing mobile business still mired in hostile competition with Apple for leadership of the mobile sector.

This roughly $2 million duty was the responsibility of Fleishman Hillard since early 2013. The PR firm presently pitches for Korean business this week.

Spurred on by the Galaxy’s range, Samsung still leads the smartphone industry, but has suffered a market share decline in the recent months. This compares to Apple’s increasing competition, driven by their iPhone 6, in addition to other lower-end Chinese developers, like Xiaomi and Huawei.

Although Samsung’s smartphone sales surged this year, their growth comes mainly from cheaper devices. Just last week, the company announced its first quarter of year-on-year mobile profit growth since 2013.

Commercial pressures likely motivate Samsung to seek cheaper, more cost-efficient PR service, an informed source said. Naturally mobile business considers but one of a multifaceted relationship Samsung shared with Fleishman for the past three years. Fleishman carries other, domestic commitments. They also manage U.S. corporate PR duties, and functions as Samsung’s main consumer agency for the U.S. market.

Google Japan

Google Japan Hires a New Public Policy and Government Relations Manager

Yes, Google’s Tokyo office is officially hiring a new public policy and government relations manager. The open position posted on October 23rd, and as of November 6th, only five applicants made the list. The lucky future manager will work in multiple fields simultaneously to assist journalists and other strategic leaders. Conducting face-to-face meetings with commentators and other opinion-affecting authorities, develop print and web-based material to advertise and support the proliferation of major campaigns, and counter the litany of misinformation threatening to interfere with Google Tokyo’s business and Google’s overall capability to serve users’ needs.

Applicant should research the major events above, and analyze the tactics taken by various leaders in other PR firms when faced with unfavorable odds from public backlash, shifting priorities in expenses, and internal office consolidation. Prove you have the ability to hit the ground running and leverage existing connections.

Google wants highly experienced communicator, who can manage complex and multifaceted issues and explain them in person. Additionally, their future manager knows how to compose attractive blog posts, comprehensive FAQs, witty video scripts,. and more.

To learn more and apply, follow this link.


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