Nicole Perna of BWR has Drama With Chris Brown, DKC PR Lawsuit & More…

Chris Brown’s Publicist Quits After Nasty Text Messages

Chris Brown's Publicist Quits After Nasty Text Messages

Chris Brown’s highly publicized tirade involving his publicist, Nicole Perna of BWR led to her resignation. The bitter exchange started when Perna sent a text message congratulating Brown on the release of his clothing collection. In response, Brown took a swipe saying “I don’t want you texting me compliments with no results.”

He accused her of failing to secure space in GQ, Vogue, and other publications. She responded by saying no editors want to work with him. According to TMZ, the contentious exchange follows the resignation of Chris’ former manager Mike G, who also filed a lawsuit against the singer.

AirBnB and DKC PR Sued for Misappropriation of Julia Child’s Name


The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Airbnb and DKC PR (Dan Klores Communications)  for misappropriation of rights of publicity. The Superior Court for the State of California will handle the lawsuit. The case emanates from Airbnb’s promotional and social media campaign conducted at the end of May 2016, offering contest winners a free night at La Pitchoune in France.

The foundation took action because the promotional campaign also promised winners a stay at Julia Child’s former home. The campaign assured winners that they would “comb over knick knacks in her kitchen exactly as she left them.” According to reports, Airbnb and Dan Klores Communication made false claims surrounding the condition of Julia’s kitchen. The campaign implied the kitchen remains exactly the way Julia left it. The Julia Child Foundation contends that Julia removed items from the kitchen on her departure in 1992.

News Agencies Host Sponsored Interviews at DNC and RNC Conventions

News Agencies Host Sponsored Interviews at DNC and RNC Conventions

Major media outlets are offering special interviews to sponsors willing to make a public relations impression at the presidential conventions. The available packages include promotional discussions at the convention. According to reports, lobbyists for the oil industry are paying substantial amounts to take advantage of energy policy discussions. The Hill offers a custom turnkey experience. The sponsors host and curate a list of distinguished panelists in discussions dubbed ‘Thought-Leader Luncheons.’ The participants come from various fields, including media, government, and industry.

The media outlets moderate the discussions for prices of up to $200,000 (includes editorial staff and three panelists). The package offered by the Hill newspaper provides coverage on the media outlet’s website and social media pages while the newspaper views the packages as earned media.

The CQ Roll Call and the Economist offer sponsors an opportunity to host live-streamed dinners or luncheons with selected policy experts. The aim of the public relations packages is to extend the sponsors’ reach beyond the convention. According to a promotional clip, the agencies film interviews at the end of the event.

Politico provides an award-winning team of editors and reporters and plans to host energy discussions at both the RNC and DNC conventions. is the official sponsor of the caucuses. In addition, Politico is also hosting a luncheon covering the economy; the Bank of America, Microsoft, Google, and Diageo sponsor the event.

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