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How to Send a Pitch Email the Right Way

2021-07-16 by JamesD
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sales pitch email 640 A media pitch is when a company or an agency tries to get a media outlet or a journalist interested enough in a particular story that they decide to cover it. These days, most of the time, the pitch is done via email, however, it’s still possible to do it via phone or social media platforms. Research has shown that many journalists receive dozens of pitches every single day, which means writing an effective pitch is key to getting media coverage. Start Here  The first step in that process is to make sure that the story... Read More >

Creating a Business with a Purpose

2021-04-20 by Julio Juarez
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Businesses that have a purpose other than generating profits and economic value for the owners and stakeholders should explain how everyone that’s involved in the business itself, is making a difference. This way, companies are able to give everyone a sense of meaning and get a lot more support. When a company is able to embrace its purpose, it’s usually during or following a crisis, which makes the business leaders change and encourages them to experiment with different approaches. However, waiting for a crisis and initiating changes then is not necessary when looking to create a business with a purpose.... Read More >

Seeking a Leader

2021-04-13 by JamesD
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One of the marketing strategies that rose sharply during the pandemic was the use of influencers particularly if it helped consumers cope or if it entertained them. How-to tutorials ranked highest among U.S. and UK respondents in a May 2020 survey of what they wanted to see more of in influencers. A 40% told eMarketer that this was their top wish. Memes or funny content followed with 37% and short-form videos at 33%. What also grew was the use of influencer whitelisting, a contractual agreement between an influencer and a brand in which the brand is given access to the... Read More >

Small Businesses in Competition Against Big Corporations

2020-12-27 by Jade Minh

Small businesses entering an industry that has giants are quite similar to people moving into a new city and looking for a new place to live, or finding a new job in the process. Simply put, it’s stressful and daunting. However, small businesses looking for their niche have a lot of long-term benefits when they take the time to find their niche. Additionally, there are plenty of marketing strategies that small businesses can employ when entering an industry that already has big-brand names in it, and finds a lot of success along the way. Narrow the Niche When choosing a... Read More >