America-Israel Diamond Week – featuring Graff, Leviev, Ami Mesika & More…

A diamond is a girl’s best friend – whether in the classic teal box of Tiffany or bought at your local diamond dealer, marketing plays a key factor in the billions spent annually on diamonds annually worldwide.

diamonds America Israel Diamond Week   featuring Graff, Leviev, Ami Mesika & More...

The US & International Diamond Week Israel


This week, August 26-29 marks the launch of the U.S. & Israel International Diamond Week in Israel, one of the major trade shows for the diamond industry. And indeed, this week alone, in Ramat Gan (A Tel Aviv suburb), over $1 Billion worth of diamonds are expected to be sold at the show.

Many of the world’s pre-eminent diamond dealers, from the British jeweler Laurence Graff, to Russian emigre’ Lev Leviev, to diamonds professionals from China, India, Canada and 26 other nations are expected to gather at the show.

Ami Mesika who recently made history by selling the  most expensive tequila bottle ever for $3.5 Million dollars remarked “Indeed, bringing together skilled buyers and sellers is often the best way to create a lot of sales.  There is tremendous value in simply putting the world’s best professionals in one room – and many of the world’s best diamonds, and diamond dealers will indeed be in Israel this week at the U.S. & Israel International Diamond Week.”

Over 500 diamond buyers have registered for the event.  More information is available at

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