Twitter Rolls Out Important Changes for Businesses and Users Alike


The last month of summer brought some important releases from various social media networks, and Twitter is no exception to this rule. In fact, this social network had a pretty busy month and made some important changes aimed at users and others aimed at companies, all with the purpose of luring more users to this network and to determine companies to invest in advertising.

Facebook Launched Shared Photo Albums

Shared photo albums – source

Social media giant Facebook rolled out a new and interesting option allowing its users to create shared albums. A person can create an album and, if he makes it a shareable one, then he can invite up to 50 other people to share photos in that album. Each member can post up to 200 photos […]

Facebook Updates Its Promotions Policy

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Facebook just announced via an official blog post having updated their promotions policy, which now allows brands to run contests on their pages without having to use third party apps. Yes, promotions inviting people to like a photo, share photos on wall and vote for them and comment on photos can now be run by the administrator of the page, if desired.

Brands Don’t Understand Canadian SBOs’ Needs

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It is a common knowledge that, in order to perform a sale, you have to address a need. And, when you try to sell something to someone, you’d better know that entity: its needs, characteristics, etc. It seems that such elementary elements aren’t known by brands that try to sell to Canadian small business. According […]