Top Level B2B Engagement: India to South Africa


News from Johannesburg, South Africa the other day reveals perhaps the best future for South African business trends. Some 200 business leaders are scheduled to meet at a convention organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), and led by Vice President Hari Bhartia. In this atmosphere for business, perhaps the first to recognize India as potentially the best emerging market, will be the partners most likely to succeed in 2010.

Trade between the two countries has been constant according to Bhartia, but the projected goal of $10 billion in bi-lateral trade by 2010 has not yet been approached. India, as perhaps the world’s most viable emerging market, has yet to be engaged effectively by the world community. Given that county’s latest plans to invest $500 million in infrastructure projects, the world should take note of possibility and growth in this “wide open” emerging economy. By 2012, the two countries are expected to share in a $15 billion dollar trade market, with India adding still another partner for that country’s potentially geometric growth.

Bhatia outlined a five-point blueprint, for boosting trade between India and several countries including South Africa in a recent report. Key points of the outline are; greater government to government participation, strengthened B2B engagement, expedited conclusions to bilateral agreements, increased efforts toward tourism related exchanges, and finally leveraging the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) component of the plan. The so called “tri-lateral plan”, according to Bhatia, will enable the countries to leverage businesses’ positions, as well as promote the collective progress of trade for each of the three countries.

In keeping with this news, Everything PR is only now realizing the importance of engaging communities and localizing our efforts to inform and consult with International segments, whereas most PR firms, regardless of their perceived International reach, still remain firmly tied to local outreach. So far, as far as the Web and social networking and media are concerned, localization and worldwide business are for the most part ideas, or simply buzz terms to enhance public perception.

We have seen in the last few weeks, the power of not only reporting International news, but the passion with which new sectors embrace better communication. For South Africa, India, Brazil, and 100 other markets, B2B and trade between diverse constituencies are not only the wave of the future, but the only was to engage in business in the 21st Century. The US-centric market of the past, will soon be overshadowed by a more diverse and all inclusive one obviously.

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